Chapter 18

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Ricky and I have been extremely close for the past week. He buys me flowers, food, clothes etc and he sometimes sleeps over at my house. He's really trying and he made it clear that he'll do anything to make things work.

Ricky: You want something to eat baby?

Me: Yes please.

He nodded his head and went to the kitchen. I'm currently at his house right now and he's been treating me like his princess, which I deserve to be. He came back with some food.

Me: Ooouuu this looks good.

Ricky: Breakfast in bed for my princess.

Yeah I slept at his house. He sat down beside me and handed me my food. It looks soooo good. I started eating and he was looking at me each time. I saw that he was basically staring at me.

Me: Aren't you gonna eat?

Ricky: Nah I'm good.

Me: No eat with me please.

He chuckled the moment I had the fork near his mouth. He opened his mouth and took a bite. I then ate myself.

Me: Wow this tastes so good.

Ricky: Yeah I know, I made it.

I rolled my eyes and giggled at him. We finished everything and we both went downstairs. I washed our plate and when I turned around I was attacked with kisses. They made me giggle.

Me: Stop (giggling).

Ricky: Make me (chuckling).

He looked me in the eyes and I knew it was over man. He kissed me and that was it, I was done. He picked me up and sat me on the counter. He stood between my legs and deepened the kiss.

Our tongues wrestling each other for dominance but he won. He rested his hands on my thighs and continued to rub them in the kiss. Shit made me wet. I heard his phone ring which was annoying me.

Me: S-someone is c-calling you.

I said in between the kiss.

Ricky: Fuck whoever's calling (growling).

Oop okay then. We got back into the kiss and he picked me up. We headed to the lounge without breaking the kiss. He laid me down on the couch and stared at me.

Ricky: Lemme eat your pussy.

Say what now?

Me: Huh?

He chuckled and took my shorts off. He rubbed my bud while looking at me. That made me look away from him cause this feels embarrassing but good at the same time.

Ricky: Want me to make you feel good baby?

I nodded my head as I whimpered desperately.

Ricky: I need to hear you speak princess.


Me: Y-yes p-please. 

He chuckled and nodded his head. He took my underwear off and he got on his knees. He looked at my coochie then looked up at me.

Ricky: You ready?

I nodded my head and he sent me one smirk before he dived in. My back arched off the couch due to unfamiliar feeling. It felt so weird but so good at the same time. I tried to keep my moans inside but that caused my whimpers to get louder.

Ricky: Mhmm I know baby, let it out.

After he said that moans flew out my mouth. I didn't even care how embarrassing it was. His tongue movements were spot on. He knew all the right places to lick. I made a mistake and looked at me while he was eating me out.

The man was already looking at me and I was hypnotised. I couldn't look away. I was too sunken at the feeling I'm feeling that I couldn't look away. He licked his finger which made me confused. He stuck it in and I then arched my back again.

Ricky: Shit. Your so tight mama.

He started pumping his finger in and out of me. I won't lie his finger was long. I felt him insert another finger inside. He started thrusting both his fingers inside of me. His finger felt like heaven.

We then heard his phone ring again and he groaned. He took his phone out and put it beside my face. He answered the call and covered my mouth continuing to finger me.

Phone convo

[Ricky]: Whatchu want Santiago?

[Santiago]: Whatchu doing man?

[Ricky]: I'm with my girl fuck face.

Awww he called me his girl. My thoughts were interrupted when he started hitting something. It sent my eyes to the back of my head and made him chuckle.

I opened my eyes when I felt his thumb on my clit when he continued to pump his fingers in and out.

[Santiago]: Where's my mini me?

Mini me? Bitchass.

[Ricky]: She's kinda busy right now (chuckling).

I couldn't contain my moans any longer. They had to come out man or I was gonna explode. Speaking of exploding, we then heard a squelching sound coming from me.

[Santiago]: What's the sound?

He came closer to my ear.

[Ricky]: Cum for me.

And with that I closed my eyes and released everything inside of me. I released a high pitched moan while my back arched off the couch.

My legs shook uncontrollably as I watched a white substance leave my vagina. It was clear and it smelled like pineapples.

[Santiago]: Oh y'all nasty. I'm never calling again.

Phone convo over

He dropped the call and Ricky chuckled. I finally came down my high and opened my eyes. I saw the couch, the floor and his clothes were soaked. That made me extremely embarrassed.

Me: I-I'm s-so s-sorry. I-I didn't know that was g-gonna happen.

He wiped the substance off his face using the back of his hand and then licked the back of his hand. Shit sent chills down my spine. He looked at me then smiled.

Ricky: It's okay, you needa warn me next time lil mama.

I'm confused. He actually wants to eat me out again? After what I just did?

Me: Next time?

Ricky: You think I'm not gon eat your pussy again? You must be outta your goddamn mind. That shit tasted way too good.

I covered my eyes but I felt his hands on my hands then he removed my hands from my eyes and stared into my soul.

Ricky: That was the best pussy I've ever eaten. Believe that.

He let me go and went into the kitchen. Soooo, that just happened.

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To be continued.....

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