Chapter 5

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I went outside to see her standing there. A car pulled up and she got it. She left and I got into my car. I then saw my door open and Santiago got in.

Santiago: I don't know what the fuck this nigga wants now man. I was bout to get my dick wet.

I lightly chuckled and switched my car on. I then pulled out the driveway and got onto the road.

Me: You and that girl be doing a lot of shit.

Santiago: Yeah yeah. So you like Lulu?

Me: Damn, straight to the point huh?

Santiago: Man answer my question hoe.

Did he just call me a hoe? Bro put me in the hoe-ing game and now he wants to call me a hoe? Niggas be fake man.

Me: Nah man you know I'm not the committed type (chuckling).

Santiago: I know that man but your ass better settle the fuck down before you get something from these bitches. You know these hoes ain't got no leashes. These bitches can't be trusted.

True that man.

Me: I'm not ready to commit to no one right now man.

Santiago: You gotta let go of that bitch man. Britney wasn't shit anyways.

Your probably wondering who the fuck Britney is. Britney is my ex girlfriend and we broke up 2 years ago because she decided to cheat on me with my own brother.

I cut them broke bitches off. I've never seen or heard from them for a long time now. We were together for 3 years man and when she cheated on me my heart shattered. I was broken man.

Santiago: The past is the past man. You gotta let that bum ass bitch go. She's the one that fucked up, not you.

Me: Man I don't wanna talk about this shit anymore.

Santiago: But....


He kept quiet and I kept my eyes on the road. This is a very sensitive topic for me. Even though it did happen 2 years ago, it still hurts like a bitch. I was left alone and I had to pick up broken pieces of my heart. I never loved a bitch again.

We got to the warehouse and we got out. We then went inside the warehouse. We went past the bitches that were counting money and packing the drugs. We then went into his office and saw the rest of the gang. Man we always late.

Santiago: Sup boss, you wanted to see us?

Antonio: Close the door and sit your fucking ass down.

We looked at each other like "who is this nigga talking to?". But I sat down while Santiago closed the door. After he closed the door he sat down beside me and we all looked at our boss waiting to hear what he wants to say.

Antonio: Why am I hearing that you cum drinkers are causing trouble in the Rich Gang territory?

No one spoke, honestly I don't know what the fuck he's talking about. All I've been doing is selling to my usual clients.

Antonio: Ricky do you know anything about this?

Me: Man I don't know what these niggas been up to. I just been fucking bitches and smoking weed....

Antonio: That's enough, clearly your dumbass doesn't know anything.

Oh this bitch ass nigga. I would've killed this nigga right here if these pussy ass niggas weren't so in love with him. I swear they see a role model in Antonio.

Me: Well then can I go cause clearly I know nothing bout this. I'm tryna get my dick wet.

He rolled his eyes and nodded.

Antonio: Get your ass outta here.

I got up and left. I got in my car and I saw that my passenger seat door opened. Then this nigga Santiago came in and closed the door.

Santiago: You ain't boutta leave my ass with those niggas (chuckling).

I started my car and got onto the road again.

Santiago: Drop me at my mommas house.

I groaned and started my car. I pulled out the warehouse driveway and got on the road, heading to his mommas house.

Me: Nigga you need to get a fucking car with your passenger seat self.

Santiago: Bitch suck my dick. I ain't in no mood to do no driving test shit.

Me: Could've taken an Uber man (chuckling).

Santiago: I see you want me to go back to jail.

This nigga a fool.

Me: Ay what was that bitch ass nigga talking about back there? Cause I was confused as fuck.

Santiago: Man some of those dumb niggas got into rich gang territory and banged their bitches.

I laughed hard. Are niggas mad cause they bitches wanna get dick from our gang? Damn.

Me: So that's why he looked at me? He thought I fucked one of the bitches?

He then shrugged his shoulders.

Santiago: You probably did, cause your dick ain't got no home training. Can't keep it in your pants if you ask me.

I gave him a "the fuck" face. Is he talking to me like that?

Me: I know your ass ain't talking. Your ass prolly got herpes right now with your triple digit body count ass.

Santiago: Oh you had to go there huh?

Me: Yes I did. Now get the fuck outta my car nigga.

Santiago: Damn you gon kick me outta the car and leave me in the middle of nowhere?

Me: Look outside bitch.

He looked outside and he was shocked to see we were at his mommas house.

Santiago: Damn when did we get here?

I raised my eyebrow at him.

Me: Nigga did you smoke something?

Santiago: Yes I did now bye.

He opened the car door and closed it before I can say some. He smoked without me? Bro isn't a real bro after all. I pulled out his mommas driveway and drove back to my house.

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To be continued.....

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