Chapter 69

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Me: Come on let's go get your mommy.

Adonis: YAY!!

He ran inside the hospital and I followed closely behind him. He then went up to the receptionist area.

Adonis: HI!!

He said to the lady at the desk. She looked around but she didn't see anyone. She then looked down and saw Adonis. Adonis is really small.

Her: Well hello there little baby. What are you doing here?

Adonis: I here to get mommy out.

Her: Oh really?

He nodded his head eagerly.

Her: Who you with?

Adonis: I here with daddy.

He said pointing to me then I walked over to them.

Her: You must be his father.

Me: Yeah I'm here to sign the discharge papers.

Her: Okay what's the patients name?

Me: Lulu Capone.

She then found her papers and I signed them. I then held Adonis's hand and we walked to Lulu's room. We saw her getting up.

Adonis: Mommy.

Lulu: Hey baby (smiling).

I got her a wheel chair and helped her onto it. Adonis then sat on her lap and I just pushed, making our way to the entrance.

Adonis: Mommy can we have ice cream?

Lulu: Ask your daddy.

He looked at me with pleading eyes. Lulu is an opp for this. She knows I can't say no to him. I know this kid gon be a problem, he'll empty all my pockets.

Me: Fine we'll get some ice cream on the way home.

He giggled and looks straight. Little fucker. We got to the car and I strapped Adonis in his car seat then I helped Lulu get in the car. I then drove to a drive-by to get Adonis his ice cream. He was so happy.

Adonis: Tank you for ice cream daddy.

He said eating from his little cup.

Me: Anything for you.

We then drove to her Jonathan's bitch ass house. We got there and I parked my car. Looks like nobody's here.

Lulu: We can come back when he's here.

Me: Nah I'm going to get your things.

Lulu: Well I'm coming with you.

Me: No you not.

Lulu: You don't even know where all my things are. I wanna get everything so that I won't have to come back.

I nodded my head and I got both of them out of the car. I grabbed a big rock and threw it at the window. I got in through the window and I opened the door through the inside. I got them in and I picked Adonis up.

Adonis: We see Kylian?

Me: No we getting your stuff so we can go home together okay?

He nodded his head while eating his ice cream. I sat him down on the couch and I carried Lulu upstairs. I sat her down on the bed, got some suitcases and opened the wardrobes.

Me: Where's your shit?

Lulu: Everything on the left side.

I nodded my head and I started packing all her shit. When I was done I went back to the car and put her stuff there. I went back upstairs to see her getting Adonis's stuff.

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