Chapter 79

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Not gonna lie, things have been pretty weird lately. Ricky is always out and we never get to see him that much anymore. I'm stuck at home pregnant as fuck with a 3 year old hyperactive child. Do you know how fucking hard that shit is?

My feet hurt, my back hurts and I can't help but wonder what he's doing. What if he's back to his old ways? Well that'll be crazy since I'm pregnant right now. Im so tired man. I feel like there's just a lot on my shoulders right now.

I froze for a second. Tears started falling down my cheeks, why? I also don't know. It's just a lot because I thought Ricky would be supporting me more with this pregnancy since he didn't when I was carrying Adonis.

Adonis: Mommy?

He said pulling on my dress. I quickly wiped my tears away and put on a smile. I looked down at him.

Me: Yes baby.

Adonis: Why is mommy crying?

Me: I was just cutting the onions baby. Would you like something to eat?

Adonis: Yes please.

I then started making Adonis a sandwich. I heard the fridge open then close. I looked down to see Adonis holding some cheese and polony.

Adonis: I wanna help mommy.

I love this kid. I smiled and picked him up. I put him on the counter and continued making his sandwich.

I looked at the time and it's 10:00 am and Ricky still isn't back yet. He's been gone the whole night, he didn't call or text. I sighed.

Me: I wonder where your daddy is.

Adonis just shrugged his shoulders. I then heard the door open and close. That must be him.

Santiago: LULU?!!

Oh, never mind.

Me: We're in here Santiago.

He then came into the kitchen.

Adonis: UNCLE SASA!!

He said jumping off the counter and running to Santiago. He jumped into his arms while giggling.

Santiago: Hey lil man.

Adonis: Where's my cookies?

Santiago: Nigga I just got here, I'll bring you your cookies some other time.

Adonis: Okay.

He said rolling his eyes and I giggled.

Santiago: Yeah your definitely Ricky's kid.

He said chuckling.

Santiago: Speaking of Ricky, he asked me to come pick y'all up.

Yeah Santiago finally got his driver's license, after so many goddamn years. He knew how to drive, he just didn't wanna get a drivers license.

Me: Why?

Santiago: Girl I don't know, now go get ready. And put this on.

Me: What's this?

He said giving me a bag.

Santiago: Your outfit now go.

I rolled my eyes and went into our downstairs bathroom. I opened the bag to see a beautiful white dress. Wow. I put it on and did a lil makeup. I got out and they both looked at me.

Adonis: Mommy looks beautiful.

Santiago: Mme she looks decent.

I took off my shoe and threw it at him.

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