The Final Chapter

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I can't believe their dead man. I refuse to believe this. What the fuck just happened? My brain doesn't wanna show those images. They can't be gone.....

Gomez: See this is what you get for messing with me and my money Ricky.

He said as he sat down in front of me.

Gomez: I almost feel sorry for you (chuckling).

I can't think straight.

Gomez: I never thought I'd kill a baby but here we are because of your recklessness.

At this point, I really have nothing to lose.

Me: I should've killed you and your momma when I had the chance.

I said and he stopped smiling. He was always protective of his mother. Your probably wondering who Gomez is. Gomez used to be my best friend way before I met Santiago. We used to do everything together.

We used to rob places together, move drugs together and do way more than that together. We were inseparable until he decided to join the rival gang because it was multiplying faster than ours.

Gomez: You should've.

He got up and kicked me in the mouth.

Gomez: We used to be brothers man until you decided to be a punk ass bitch.

M: You mean I decided to stay faithful to the man who took us off the streets.

Gomez: Antonio? Antonio never gave two fucks about us.

Me: Antonio was like a father to us man.

Gomez: Well guess what? He's dead.

No fucking way.

Gomez: And your next.

He said pointing the gun at me.

Gomez: Any last words Ricky?

Me: Fuck you.

I said spitting blood on his face. He chuckled and wiped it off. He pointed the pistol at my face. I looked at him dead in the eyes cause I ain't gon die a bitch by closing my eyes.

Gomez: See you in the afterlife Ricky.

Oh you going to hell bitch ass nigga. The gun went off and all I saw was darkness. Damn where the fuck am I? I then heard voices. I heard someone faintly calling me.

Person: Ricky?

Who the fuck is calling me?

Person: Ricky wake up.

I felt my body being moved left and right. My eyes snapped wide open. I looked around to see that I'm at my momma's place on her couch. I then saw Aaliyah looking at me. I got up hella quick.

Aaliyah: Ricky what's wrong?

She said. Man even I don't know at this point.

Aaliyah: Your sweating a lot. What happened?

I don't even know man.

Me: What happened?

Aaliyah: What?

Me: How'd I get here? What happened?

Aaliyah: I don't know. Your just barged in here crying your eyes out and passed out on the couch. You been asleep since yesterday at 18:00pm.

I checked the time to see that it's 14:00pm but the next day. Man I've been out for that long. I got up and went to the door.

Aaliyah: Wait, are you okay?

I nodded my head.

Aaliyah: You can talk to me about anything you know?

Me: I know.

I said smiling at her. I opened the door and went to my car. Man I still gotta find out why the fuck I had that dream. I got back at my house and went to take a shower. I stood there for a minute thinking about everything that happened in my dream.

It felt so real but yet it wasn't. I'm confused man. Maybe this is a sign. For me to stop all this gang shit and maybe I will. I got out the shower and I called Santiago. The phone just kept ringing. Please pick up.

Phone convo

[Santiago]: Wassup dickhead?

Thank God. I'm so happy to hear his mean self.

[Me]: Man I'm leaving this gang shit. And I want your ass to leave that behind too.

[Santiago]: What the fuck? Why?

[Me]: Just trust me on this man.

He kept silent for a while then sighed.

[Santiago]: Aight man I trust you.

[Me]: I'll see you later.

Phone convo over

I hung up and then texted Antonio.

Message convo

Me: Santiago and I are leaving the gang. We out that shit.

Antonio: And you think I'll let you off that easily?

Me: Yeah. I mean if you don't want Jonathan knowing about some of the shit you been doing behind his back.

He kept quiet.

Antonio: How the fuck do you know about Jonathan?

Me: I have my ways. But we want nothing to do with the gang ever again. Don't text us, don't call us and don't come near us or our families ever again. You got that?

Antonio: Got it. It was nice working with you while it lasted Ricky.

Message convo over

I sighed and put my phone down. Well that's over with. Y'all must think I'm gon be broke huh? Nah man I do forex and I have my own businesses on the side for when I wanted to leave the gang. I'm sorted.

2 hours later.

I got a text from Santiago.

Message convo

Santiago: I got a girl I want you to meet. Come over at my house.

Me: Alright.

Message convo over

I got my phone, my wallet and my car keys and went downstairs. I went to my house and started driving to Santiago's house. I got there and it was packed. This nigga always has people in his house. I parked my car and went inside.

There was a lot of people, but people we knew. I went past the crowd when I noticed he was outside. I made my way to them. I saw him, Ayisha and a very short girl with dreadlocks. I overheard their conversation as I approached them.

Her: So, where's Ricky?

Me: Right here mama.

She turned around and there she was.

Me: Lulu?

Well fuck me. This might be God giving me a second chance to treat her the way she should be treated and I'll treat her like the queen she is. Things will be different this time, I put that on my life. The end.

Whew the plot twist to this story😮‍💨. Thank you so much for reading my book. I love you guys so much😭❤️ I got 2 books I'm working on right now so bare with me🤭💗byeee.

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