Chapter 21

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Today I'm going back home. My dad picked me up and we're currently in the car together. We made it home and he helped me inside. I sat on the couch and watched tv.

Dad: You need anything before I go sweetie?

Me: Nah I'm okay dad thanks.

He nodded his head and came over giving me a kiss on the forehead.

Dad: Call when you need me, okay?

I nodded my head. He got his stuff and left. Minutes later I heard the door open and close.

Me: I knew you'd forget something (giggling).

Ricky: Hey mama.

I turned around to see Ricky standing there. I honestly thought it was my dad. I was so happy to see my boyfriend though. He came over and sat beside me but not forgetting to give me a kiss.

Ricky: How you feeling mama?

Me: I'm okay, just feeling some pains around my rib area.

Ricky: Aww I'm sorry baby. You need some painkillers?

Me: No I'm okay. Wait how did you know I was back?

Ricky: I went to the hospital to see you but they told me you were discharged.

This man is so cute.

Ricky: Thank you (chuckling).

Me: What?

Ricky: You said that out loud.

Me: Oh.

Omg I'm so embarrassed.

Ricky: It's okay, I think your cute too.

I rolled my eyes while smiling. But then something came to mind.

Me: On the day I told you Kaida stabbed me, where did you go?

Ricky: I went to her house.

I gave him an ugly look.

Ricky: Don't give me that look. I just went to her house to confront her about what she did.

Me: So what happened?

Ricky: I got there and I asked her if she stabbed you for real. She kept lying to my face and said she didn't. I kept pressing her about it till she fessed up to the shit that she did. I ended our friendship and I told her not to come near you anymore because if she did, shit ain't gon end well for her.

Wow he did all that for me?

Me: You ended your friendship because of me? Why?

He gave me a stank look and he raised his eyebrow.

Ricky: Whatchu mean why? She almost killed the person I love man.


Me: You love me?

Ricky: I'm not saying it again.

I leaned in and gave him a kiss.

Me: I love you too (smiling).

He hummed and got up.

Me: Where you going?

Ricky: I gotta go run some errands.

I pouted at him and gave him some puppy eyes.

Me: But you just got here, please stay.

He rolled his and sat down again. I laid on him and I started feeling tired. My eyes were so heavy and I ended up dozing off to sleep.


I woke up and Ricky was gone. I took my phone and texted him.

Text message convo

Hey why didn't you wake me up when you wanted to leave?

Mi amor❤️:
Cause if I woke you up you wouldn't have let me go.

You at least could've called or sent a text message.

Mi amor❤️:
I got shit to do man. I can't be with you all the time.

Change contact name from Mi amor❤️ to Shithead🖕🏽

I thought you would've wanted to be with me since I just woke up from a coma a few days ago.

My world does not revolve around you Lulu. I'll see you when I'm not busy.

Your hurting my feelings now.

Your feelings ain't gon pay for my bills, now are they?

Text message convo over

I felt tears falling down my cheeks. Why is being so mean to me? I didn't do shit to him. I ended up deciding to do all my work and submit it since I haven't been at school for a while.

I got hella notifications so I got on my Instagram. I saw that I was tagged on numerous posts. What's going on? I went to that post to see Ricky getting danced on by some bitches.

There's nothing I can do to be honest because I need to rest. I switched my phone off and decided to watch tv.


I woke up from my nap and saw gang missed calls on my phone. A lot of those missed calls were from Ayisha. I didn't wanna deal with her right now because I'm pretty sure she also saw what Ricky was doing. I heard the door open then close. I looked up to see that it was Ayisha.

Ayisha: Why haven't you been answering your phone?

Me: I just woke up man.

Ayisha: Oh, well have you seen the video with Ricky in it?

Me: Yeah and honestly I don't care.

Ayisha: Are you sure your okay?

Me: I'm alright man. I just wanna be alone right now, in peace.

Ayisha: Okay well let me know when you need anything.

I nodded my head and she left. Then the door opened and closed again, but this time it was my dad.

Dad: How's my princess doing?

Me: Just tired, hungry and in pain.

Dad: Lemme make you something to eat so you'll drink your pills.

I nodded my head and he went to the kitchen. He then came back with some food after 20 minutes. He gave me my food and we said grace. We ate and he cleaned everything up. He gave me my pills and drank them.

I felt my phone buzz beside me. I looked at the caller ID.

Incoming call....

Oh great what does his cheating ass want now? I declined his call and blocked him on all social media platforms. I'm so done with this nigga bro. I sighed and called for my dad. 

Dad: What is it sweetie?

Me: I need help up the stairs.

He nodded and came beside me. He picked me up and took me in my room. He tucked me in and switch off my lights. I really have an amazing dad. I watched some cartoon movies until I fell asleep.

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To be continued.....

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