Chapter 30

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Ricky left and now I gotta deal with my dad. In all honesty I'm scared as fuck.

Dad: So you bringing niggas into my house now?

Me: Dad I....

Dad: And not just any nigga, but that fuck boy is in a gang.

Me: Don't call him that.

He looked at me like I've lost my goddamn mind.

Dad: Your grounded.


Me: You can't do that. I'm not 13 years old anymore dad.

Dad: I can and I just did. Give me your phone.

Now it's my turn to look at him as if he's lost his mind.

Me: No, I bought this with my own money.

Dad: Give it to me.

He grabbed my arm and tried to snatch my phone away from me. Now we're fighting over my phone. I don't know how but the phone slipped out of our hands and collided with the wall. My phone broke and I was livid.


Dad: You better lower your fucking tone when you speak to me Lulu. I'm still your father and I can discipline you if I want.

I looked at him with teary eyes.

Dad: I don't ever wanna see you with him ever again, understood?

First he grounded me, then he broke my phone now he wants me to break up with Ricky? He's lost his ever loving mind.

Me: I hate you.

He looked hurt but who gives a damn. I went up to my room and locked the door. I don't wanna see him, talk to him yet alone breathe the same air as him. I can't stay here anymore.

I looked at my curtains and took them down. I tied them up like how I see in those prison movies. I secured it around my bed and climbed out. I got onto the ground and started jogging out.

I caught a bus and went to Ricky's house. I got there and thank God his car is there but someone else's car is there. I opened his door and I heard voices. It sounded like they were arguing.

Girl: What does she have that I don't?

Ricky: A good clean tight pussy, now get the fuck out Jessica.

I know right, I bet y'all probably thought that he was cheating on me, I ain't gon lie I thought he was cheating on me too. I then became visible in the lounge. They both looked at me.

Ricky: Baby what are you doing here?

Me: More importantly what are you doing here?

I looked at the bitch.

Her: That's none of your concern.

Me: It is since your in MY niggas house.

Her: I ain't going now.....

Before she can even finish her sentence I was on top of her sending blows to her face and she screamed each time.


I continued sending blows to her face and all over her body. This bitch really tried me especially when I'm not in a good mood. I felt my body getting lifted off of this bitch. Ricky grabbed my face and our eyes connected.

Ricky: Calm down ma.

For some reason I felt myself calming down, I forgot all my worries.

Ricky: You better get the fuck outta here before I let her beat your ass again.

The bitch got up off of the floor and ran out. Ricky chuckled and I felt his lips collide with mine. I pulled away though.

Me: I gotta wash my hands.

He nodded his head and pulled me into the kitchen. He got some hand wash and helped me wash my hands.

Ricky: How'd you get here?

Me: I took the bus.

Ricky: Why didn't you call an Uber?

Me: Because my dad broke my phone.

He frowned and looked at me. It's as if he was getting mad. He grabbed my wrist and looked at it.

Ricky: Who did this to you?

I saw a bruise begin to form. Oh fuck, I guess it's from when my dad and I were playing tug of war with my phone. He brought my head up and looked at me dead in the eyes. His eyes were filled with so much anger and hate.

Ricky: I'm not gonna ask you again.

I nodded my head then spoke.

Me: After you left my dad decided to ground me and he wanted to take my phone. He grabbed me and that's when we fought over my phone. I guess he grabbed me a lil too tight.

After I finished speaking he just looked at me. He let me go and went upstairs to his room. I followed him and saw that he was getting his guns.

Me: Ricky what are you doing?

I heard him mumbling "I guess this nigga wants to die to" followed by a chuckle. Is he talking about my dad? I over went to him and pulled his hands away from the ammunition.

Me: Baby let's just go watch some tv.

Ricky: Fuck the tv. That nigga thinks he can put his hands on you and get away with it? Well he thought wrong.

Me: Ricky you can't react like this when you see me getting hurt.

Bro the look he gave me told me to shut the fuck up. He snatched his hands away from me and started loading his guns.

Me: Daddy please stop.

And just like that, he stopped. He looked at me with a weird expression on his face.

Ricky: What did you say?

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms.

Me: I'm not saying it again.

Ricky: Nah say it. I ain't hear you the first time.

I sighed and gave in.

Me: Daddy please don't do anything crazy.

He smiled me and picked me up.

Ricky: Okay princess. But if he touches you again, it's on site. You know I don't play when it comes to you.

Me: I know (smiling).

He sat down on his bed with me on his lap.

Me: C-can I stay with you?

Ricky: As long as you want mama. What about your dad though? Won't he flip?

Me: Fuck him. I don't ever wanna see him again.

Ricky: Nah don't speak bout your father like that.

But didn't he disrespect my father earlier? Now he wants me to respect him? Is this nigga bipolar or something? Oh yeah I forgot he is.

Me: But he broke my phone and he told me to stay away from you (pouting).

Ricky: I know baby but that's still your father and he's tryna look out for you. If it makes things better, we can go get you that new phone right now yeah?

Me: Yeah (smiling).

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To be continued.....

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