Chapter 46

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Jonathan asked me out on a date and I said yes. I haven't seen Ricky after that argument we had. He hasn't called or texted and you know what, I don't give two fucks about him no more. I've moved on and I'm happy with my life right now.

That nigga never cared about me so I'm healing and moving. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard a car hoot outside. That must be Jonathan. I went outside to see him leaning on his black G63.

Jonathan: Hey mama.

Omg the way he says it. Makes my legs go weak. I don't quickly ran over to him and gave him a hug, also inhaling his scent. He smells so good.

Jonathan: You missed me?

Me: I did (smiling).

Jonathan: Let's get going.

He opened the door for me and I got in. I put my seatbelt on and he got in the car then started it. He pulled out the driveway and he started driving to our destination.

Me: So where we going?

Jonathan: Somewhere you've always wanted to go.

Bruh I always wanna go somewhere. I don't remember so I just kept quiet. I saw that we're approaching a carnival.

Me: No you didn't.

Jonathan: Yes I did (chuckling).

Omg I'm so happy. I've been wanting to go to the carnival for some time now.

Me: Thank you.

Jonathan: Don't sweat it. Now let's go have some fun.

I nodded my head and we both got out the car. He held my hand and we made our way into the carnival. I saw a big ass teddy bear that I knew I had to have.

Me: Can we start here first?

Jonathan: Anything for you ma.

We made our way to the game.

Me: Hello, how much for the balls?

Guy: $5 ma'am.

He said. I paid him the money and he gave me 3 balls. Bruh I tried my hardest but I didn't know shit over. This game is hard. I sighed when all my balks were gone and Jonathan laughed. I hate niggas I swear. I frowned and I walked away but he pulled me back.

Jonathan: You really want that teddy bear huh?

I nodded my head and then he paid $5 for the balls. The man gave him the balls and with his first throw, he knocked everything down. Wow.

Guy: Congratulations, what would you like?

Jonathan: That one.

He said pointing to the teddy bear I wanted. The man handed Jonathan the teddy bear and then he gave it to me.

Jonathan: Here you go mama.

Me: Thank you.

Bro I was doing a backflip on the inside.

I carried my teddy bear to our next game and that was the bumper cars. I got in mine and Jonathan got in his.

Me: Don't cheat now (giggling).

Jonathan: I won't mama (chuckling).

The music started and the bumper cars started moving. We kept hitting each other all the time. It was fun to be honest. The music stopped which and the bumper cars stopped. We got out, not forgetting my teddy bear.

Me: That was so much fun.

Jonathan: Where to from here mama?

Me: Can we get some corn dogs and cotton candy?

He nodded his head. We went to one of the stalls and we got what we wanted. We then headed to the fairness wheel. We then sat down and it started moving up.

It was moving slowly though and when we got to the top. The view was amazing.

Me: Thanks for bringing me here.

Jonathan: I'll do anything to spend some time with you.

Why is he so perfect?

Me: I.....

Before I can even finish my sentence the ride stopped. We looked down to see the person operating the ride isn't there anymore.

Jonathan: I guess we gon be up here for a while (chuckling).

Why is he chuckling? He's not even worried. Wait a minute.

Me: Do you have something to do with this?

Jonathan: Meeee? Neverrrr.

Me: Your a terrible liar (giggling).

He then chuckled.

Jonathan: Okay fine I did. Just wanted to spend some extra time with you before I take you home after this.

He's so sweet.

Me: You can always see me everyday.

Jonathan: Your nigga ain't gon fuck with me?

Me: We broke up a while ago.

He nodded his head.

Jonathan: I guess he couldn't handle a real woman.

Ain't that the damn truth. The ride then started moving again. I looked down to see someone completely different from the person who was operating the ride earlier. There was a long ass line forming.

Jonathan: I guess our times up.

He said as we got to ground level. We got out and headed for the car. We got in the car and he started driving back to my house.

Me: I really had fun together.

Jonathan: Then you won't have a problem with coming back here again with me huh?

Me: Yeah.

We got to my house and he parked in the driveway. My dads here though.

Me: Well I gotta go before he peeps through the window like the nosey father he is (giggling).

I said opening the door. As I was about to get out he pulled me back into a kiss. Our lips moved in sync. The kiss was slow and passionate. I won't lie and say I didn't have butterflies in my stomach because I did. I pulled away before things got heated.

Me: Goodnight Jonathan.

Jonathan: Goodnight ma.

I got out the car with my teddy bear and went inside. I locked the door behind me.

Dad: I see you had fun today.

Me: Yeah I did.

Dad: Good, well I'm going to sleep.

He said getting up and making his way to me.

Dad: Goodnight sweetie.

He gave me a kiss on the forehead and he went upstairs. I went upstairs also and got into my room. I got out my clothes and put some pajamas on and laid the teddy bear beside me. I had a nice day today. I then dozed off to sleep.

I didn't proof read, I apologise for any errors.
To be continued.....

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