Chapter 8

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I then sighed.

[Me]: Okay momma, I'll give it a shot.

[Momma]: Good now be nice to my future daughter-in-law. Bye mi bebé.

[Me]: Bye momma.

Phone convo over

I pressed the red button and soon all I heard was music playing again. I glared at Santiago when we got to the traffic light which was red.

Santiago: What?

I punched this nigga dead on the nose and his head flew back. He held it and groaned, he wasn't bleeding or anything.

Santiago: What the fuck was that for?

Me: Don't you ever call my momma about some dumb shit like that again.

Santiago: This isn't some dumb shit man this your life. Fuck my nose.

Me: That'll teach you to not stick it in my business.

We got to Lulu and Ayisha's house. He got out the car and I followed him to Ayisha's house. He went inside while I was walking slowly behind him. Ayisha then came down and gasped.

Ayisha: Baby what happened to your nose?

Santiago: This bitch ass nigga beside me is what happened.

Excuse me?

Me: You want another punch to the nose?

He glared at me while Ayisha examined his face.

Ayisha: Omg why would you punch him?

Santiago: Cause I told his momma he likes Lulu since he didn't wanna admit it himself.

Ayisha: You like her?

Me: I'm not doing this with y'all man. Now where's your bathroom at? I gotta piss.

Ayisha: Upstairs down the hall, take a left and it'll be to your right.

I nodded my head and went upstairs but instead of taking a right I took a left since I forgot what that bitch said. I groaned the moment I walked in a room to find a sleeping Lulu there.

I went closer to her to see if this is the face I really wanna wake up to every morning. And it is. She looked amazing asleep. I couldn't help but smile, I guess I do like this girl because Ion stare at nobody when they asleep.

She yawned and opened her eyes. As soon as she did I felt a blow connect to my nose making me groan and fall onto the floor.

Lulu: OMG!! I'm so sorry Ricky.

She got down beside me and helped me get up. She sat me on the bed and she started panicking. Damn this girl can throw a punch. I saw tears begin to form in her eyes. She's taking this way too seriously.

Lulu: I'm s-sorry I didn't mean to.

Me: Calm down man I'm fine.

Lulu: But I.....

Me: I said I'm fine. No need to panic.

Lulu: Can I at least see if your okay?

I nodded my head and she stood in between my legs. She held onto my face and started examining it. I don't know why but I held onto her waist. She moved my nose around a little bit which made me groan and tighten my grip around her waist.

Lulu: It's swollen but you'll be alright.

Me: Thanks Doc.

We looked at each other's eyes and I couldn't help but feel funny. I honestly got lost in them. Our staring contest was cut short when Ayisha and Santiago came into the room. We both looked at the door, not breaking away.

Ayisha: We heard some noise. What's going on? Oh.

Santiago: Yeah what's going on in here kids? (smiling).

Me: I got lost man. Thinking this bitch is the bathroom but I walked into here and she was asleep. I wanted to wake her up and boom. She punched my shit.

Ayisha: Hahaha. Now y'all both twinning (laughing).

I rolled my eyes.

Santiago: Damn baby girl can throw a punch (laughing).

Me: Get out (groaning).

They got out while laughing and I just stared at her.

Lulu: Is there something on my face?

Me: No. Come here.

She looked confused and I grabbed her neck pulling her closer to me. Our lips smashed together and we started moving in sync. She laid on top of me and I laid my hands on her ass.

I smacked her ass which made her moan in the kiss and I took that as an opportunity to put my tongue in her mouth so I did. Our tongues wrestled for dominance and of course I won.

While in the kiss I felt something weird. I've never felt like this way bout any bitch, even with Britney. That's weird, I wonder what this feeling is. We pulled away and stared at each other.

I got her off of me and made her sit beside me. She looked at me and I felt a big lump in my throat. What's wrong with me? No bitch has ever made me feel like this.

Lulu: What's wrong? Does my breath stink?

What the fuck? Where'd she get that from?

Me: No it doesn't.

Lulu: Then why'd you stop?

Oh she likes that?

Me: Because I have to tell you something.

Lulu: Okay go on.

Me: I just wanna apologise about how I left things man. It's not easy being in a committed relationship only to get cheated on with someone close to you. I like you man but I don't wanna put myself in that position again.

She froze. Why?

Me: You heard me?

Lulu: Yeah I heard you. I know how you feel Ricky. What you went through is very similar to what I went through but that doesn't mean you should stop being the loving caring person you are. I still give my all like I've never been hurt before. So I think you should too.

I nodded my head and held her hand in the process. I already know that this girl gon either be the best thing that's ever happened to me or she gon be a problem.

Lulu: I really like you Ricky and I wanna know if this might go somewhere.

Me: It will.

She smiled and gave me a kiss. Damn her lips feel like heaven. I can kiss her all day.

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To be continued.....

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