Chapter 40

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I made my way into the hospital. I went into Ricky's room and there he was, awake. He looked like he was okay though.

Ricky: Hey mama.

Don't "hey mama" me puta. You been saying "fuck your dream" to me now your in a hospital bed. I swear.....

Me: Hey. Are you okay?

Ricky: Yeah I'm fine. Just in pain that's all.

Me: Did they give you any pain medication?

Ricky: Yes doc (chuckling).

I then pulled a chair and sat down beside him.

Ricky: Have you been crying?

Actually I have. I been crying last night and when I drove over here.

Me: No, so have you eaten?

Ricky: Don't try and change the subject right now ma you know I hate that shit. Why you been crying?

Me: Are you not aware that your in a hospital bed right now?

Ricky: I know but I'm okay.

Me: You could've died Ricky.

He rolled his eyes.

Ricky: Not this shit again bro.

Me: Whatchu mean?

Ricky: I don't wanna talk about that shit man.

Me: Why not? Because you could've lost your life because of this gang shit.

Ricky: Man I'm fine.

Me: No your not.

Ricky: Man just drop this shit already damn.

I kept quiet for a sec.

Me: Does my opinion even matter to you?

Ricky: Omg bro (groaning).

Me: Why won't you just listen to me? I only want what's best for you.

Ricky: What's best for me is to get this money.

Me: But....

Ricky: Now isn't the time to be nagging me man. Either dead that shit right now or get out.

Huh? He did not just say that to me.

Me: Why you acting like this?

Ricky: Cause I'm not gon put my life on hold cause of your dream.

Me: But I......

Ricky: But nothing man. I'm never gon leave the gang so drop it.

It's pointless talking to him.

Ricky: You knew what you was getting yourself into with me.

Me: So it's my fault?

Ricky: No I'm just saying you should just accept it. You should be supporting a nigga man.

Me: Support you? For what? You want me to congratulate you for selling drugs and killing peoples children out here?

He then looked uneasy.

Ricky: If you can't accept the life I'm living then you shouldn't be in it at all.

The fuck?

Me: What do you mean? Are you breaking up with me?

Ricky: I think you need to leave. I wanna take a nap.

Wow. I got up without saying a word. I can't believe that bum ass nigga. After everything I did for him he tries to break up with me? Aight bet. He won't last a week without with me.

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