Chapter 2

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Dad: Would you get that sweetie?

I nodded my head and went to the door. I opened the door to see a tall man and a girl that looked like my age.

Me: Oh hello.

Dad: Who's at the door Lulu?

He then came and stood beside me. We both looked at the people at our door.

Person: Hello we're the Smiths and we saw the moving truck on the road. So we thought that we wanna be the first people to welcome you into our neighbourhood.

Dad: Thank you for the warm welcome man.

Person: Don't sweat it. My names Marcus and this is my daughter Ayisha.

He said pointing to the girl beside him. She looks very ghetto if you ask me but I'll never judge a book by it's cover.

Dad: Nice to meet you guys. Well I'm Lenard Capone and this is my daughter Lulu.

Mr Smith: Nice to meet you guys. Well don't let us take too much of your time since you guys have to unpack and all. We'll be on our way now.

Dad: Thanks again for the welcome man.

They dapped each other up. I knew right there and then that these two will be best friends. They left and we resumed unpacking.

Dad: Well those people are nice.

I hummed while nodding my head and went to my room continuing to unpack everything of mines. After a few hours we were done. And I'm hungry asf man.

Me: Dad?

Dad: Wassup?

Me: Can we order something to eat please? I'm really hungry.

Dad: Sure sweetie.

He ordered some food while I sat down watching tv. He put the tv and the cables on first when we got here. I watched him move up and down to his room. I got a video call request from my friends in Texas.

                         Video call convo

[Emilia]: Oh you finally landed.

[Jacob]: How's it down there anyways?

[Me]: I won't lie the place is beautiful but I know I'll have trouble fitting in here.

They all nodded their heads at me.

[Emilia]: Don't worry, your an amazing person and making friends over there won't be a problem.

I honestly love my friends man.

[Cam]: I'm still bummed out that you had to move away man.

[Me]: I feel exactly the same. I miss you guys.

[Kiki]: Yeah man what are we gonna do without you?

[Me]: I'm still tryna get over the fact that I had to leave you guys. It's not easy having to make friends all your life and having to leave them again. I just wish my dad can understand that it's not easy for me man.

[Emilia]: Have you tried talking to him?

I shook my head no.

[Cam]: You gotta talk to your dad man.

[Me]: I can't, he's been waiting for these promotions his whole life and he's finally making the money he's always wanted to make. I can't crush his dream like that.

[Kiki]: I just hope everything works out for you.

[Me]: I'll make it work.

They all nodded their heads at me.

[Emilia]: Well we wanted to let you know that we love and support you.

[Me]: Thanks you guys. I gotta go. We'll chat later.

[All of them]: Bye.

                   Video call convo over

I sighed the moment I hung up on them. Imma really miss them. I heard a knock at the door and I went to go get it. I saw that it was the delivery guy so I paid him his money.

I went to the kitchen and saw my dad on the phone. I handed him his food and went to my room. I sat on my bed and ate my food. I got a message saying I should be at school tomorrow. Man.

After I was done eating, I tidied up everything and I threw away the trash. I got in bed and I dozed off to sleep.


I woke up and checked the time to see it is 06:30, I have to be at school by 08:30. So I have enough time to get ready. I got up and stretched myself. I went to the bathroom to do my morning hygiene.

After I was done with that I took a shower. Once I was done I put on my clothes and did my hair cause I have to look neat on my first day. First impressions mean everything. I went downstairs to see my dad was already there and he made breakfast too.

Me: Morning dad.

Dad: Good morning sweetie. How was your first night in our new house?

Me: It was okay I can't complain.

Dad: That's good. Well sit down and have some food. I gotta get going I'm already late.

He got his suitcase and everything. He came over to me and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

Dad: Have a nice day at school baby.

Me: Have a nice day at work dad.

He left and I was all alone. I ate my food and finished it. I tidied everything up and washed the dishes. I put them away and I knew that I have to get going. I locked the house up and began my journey to the school.

As I was walking down the road I saw a car behind me and it came to a stop beside me. I then saw that it was Mr Smith, my neighbour.

Mr Smith: Where you going?

Me: Oh I'm just walking to school.

Mr Smith: Get in, I'll take you there.

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To be continued.....

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