Chapter 6

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Ayisha: Wake the fuck up.

I felt myself collide with the floor. I groaned and got up to see this bitch laughing at me.

Me: What the fuck are you doing here?

Ayisha: Your dad let me in. Now get ready.

Me: The fuck, why?

Ayisha: Cause we're going to the water park girl.

Me: Don't we have school today?

Ayisha: Nah, now get your ass up and let's go.

I got up and pushed this bitch out of my room. I got ready, I wore my bikini underneath and wore my clothes on top. I went downstairs to see her sitting in the lounge. She looked up and saw me. She then rolled her eyes.

Ayisha: Omg finally.

Me: Shut up (laughing).

Ayisha: Your dad already left, he said have a nice day and he left some money.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed the money.

Ayisha: Hurry up, their already here man.

Me: Who's here?

Ayisha: Everyone.

Who the fuck is everyone? I went outside to see a mini bus. Oh hell no. How many people are in there? She left the house and I followed behind her. I then locked everything up and went to the mini bus also.

I saw that she was sitting next to Santiago and I saw Ricky sitting next to some nigga. I looked at the back and saw an empty seat next to some curly head dude.

Santiago: Thought you guys ended up fucking (chuckling).

Ayisha: That's so disgusting.

I felt a tap come from beside me and I was met with a warm smile from the guy sitting beside me.

Him: Hi my names Dante, you are?

Me: I'm Lulu, it's nice to meet you Dante (smiling).

Dante: The pleasure is all mine love.

Dante and I started talking. As we were talking the mini bus slowed down and came to a stop. I look beside me to see that we were at Walmart. I got out cause I wanted snacks, Dante followed me.

Dante: Whatchu gon buy?

Me: Some candy.

We went to the candy aisle and I saw my favourite candy on the top shelf. I started jumping for it. That's until I saw a hand coming from behind me.

Dante: There you go (chuckling).

Me: Thank you (smiling).

We stared at each other's eyes. He then began to lean in. That's until we heard something.

Ayisha: Hey Lulu, can you come help me pick some chips?

Me: Oh yeah sure.

I left Dante and went towards her. I felt myself get snatched around the corner.

Ayisha: What are you doing? (whispering).

Me: What are you talking about?

Ayisha: Don't think I didn't see you over there with Dante, you know Ricky will get jealous.

Me: So what? Ricky made it clear 3 days ago that I'm not his girlfriend so he shouldn't be worried about me.

She looked confused.

Ayisha: He told you that?

I nodded my head and she nodded hers.

Ayisha: Just be careful okay?


Me: What do you mean?

Ayisha: Rick.....

Before she can finish her sentence Santiago came into the store.

Santiago: We gotta go man.

We got all our stuff and paid for it at the register. We then got into the mini bus and resumed our drive to the water park. We then got to the water park and we got out the mini bus.

Me: Dante can you carry me please?

Dante: I got you (chuckling). Hop on.

I jumped on his back and he carried me into the water park. We then found a place to sit at. They put everything down while I changed into my bikini.

Dante: Damn you look good.

Me: Thank you (smiling).

I felt someone staring at me, I looked behind Dante to see Ricky staring at us. He had his fists bawled up. Anger issues much?

2 hours later (after they left the water park).

I got home and took a nice long bath. Once I was done I got on my bed and relaxed. I heard the front door open and then close. Soon I heard my fathers voice.



I groaned and got out of bed. Man I just sat my ass down. I went downstairs and saw that he had food. See why I love this man.

Dad: I thought you'd be hungry after your day at the water park with your friends.

Me: Thanks dad.

I smiled and sat down with the food in the lounge. I then chose a movie and I saw my dad sitting across from me.

Dad: So how are you liking New York?

Me: It's aight I guess, how about you?

Dad: Pretty good to be honest.

I hummed and began to eat.

Dad: You haven't seen anything unusual lately?

I raised my eyebrow at him.

Me: Like what?

Dad: Well Marcus, Ayisha's father said there's a lot of gangs and I need you to be careful around here okay?

I gulped the moment he said the word "gangs". How many are there? I then swallowed my food before I choked.

Me: Don't worry dad I'll be careful, I promise.

Dad: I know but Ayisha's dad said if you see an white Asian looking man with tattoos, don't even associate yourself with him.

A white Asian looking man with tattoos? He must be talking about Ricky. But I wanna know more to this.

Me: Why? What's so dangerous about him?

Dad: I just heard that he's the most dangerous gang member in the states. Marcus told me that he has murder charges, robbery charges, gun charges, assault charges, kidnapping charges, drug charges and he has some restraining orders from his exes.

What? This is a lot to take in. Kidnapping and assault charges? Those ones really got to me.

Dad: He's a very bad man Lulu and I need you to promise me that you'll look the other way if you see him in public.

I looked at him and nodded my head. I'm still trying to process everything.

Dad: I need to hear you say it.

Me: I promise dad.

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To be continued.....

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