Chapter 22

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Ricky and I haven't spoken in a week. I honestly do not give a fuck cause I'm tryna move on now. I'm at the mall with Diego. Diego is my classmate in chemistry at school and we're beginning to get close.

Diego: This shit is good.

We're eating some ice cream we got from the Milky Lane ice cream place. This shit is good man.

Me: I know right. I knew it'd be good but I didn't expect it to be this good.

As we were walking I saw some cars. I then saw Santiago and whenever Santiago is around, Ricky is there too. All eyes were on us now.

I saw one of them nudge Ricky and he looked at us. I don't know why he looked mad in the first place cause I'm not his girlfriend.

Diego: I think we should walk faster. It's not safe here.

Me: Your right, come on.

We started walking faster and I saw them get into their cars. We tried walking down an alley but they had it blocked. They all got out their cars and surrounded us.

Santiago: What are you doing here Lulu?

Me: I'm tryna get home Santiago.

Santiago: With him?

Me: He's my friend now butt off.

Santiago: He's in our territory, he shouldn't be here and he knows it.

I'm confused. What is he talking about?

Ricky: You look confused mama (chuckling). Ask him what we talking bout.

I looked at Diego who didn't show any fear on his face.

Me: What are they talking about Diego?

Diego: It's not important.

Ricky: Oh it is important fuck boy because your not supposed to be here. You do know what happens when you in another gangs territory right?

Wait what? I looked at him in disbelief and with so much disgust.

Me: Your in a gang?

Diego: Yeah.


Me: I'm done with you. Don't talk to me again.

I tried walking away from him but he grabbed me which made everyone pull their guns out pointing them at him.

Santiago: You better let her the fuck go boy.

He rolled his eyes and let me go. I walked past Ricky and he grabbed me.

Ricky: Get in the fucking car.

I don't know why but I got into the car but I decided to sit in the back seat. I hear that things were getting out of control.

I saw Ricky pull out his gun, crocked it and shot Diego in the leg. I was in shock. He said something to him and they both came back into the car.

Ricky: That'll teach him to never come here (chuckling).

Santiago chuckled with him. I don't know what's so funny about shooting someone.

Me: Take me home.

He glared at me in the rear view mirror.

Ricky: Excuse me?

Me: Your excused, now take me home.

Ricky: You think you run shit huh ma?

Me: No but you don't either now take me home.

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