Chapter 65

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Adonis: Daddy I wan pancakes.

Me: Okay lil man.

Spending the night with Adonis was crazy. This kid has so much energy. This morning he jumped on me to wake me up and so I can make him some food. Just like his damn momma, always wanting something to eat and shit.

Adonis: Daddy can I call mommy?

I nodded my head and got my phone. I then decided to FaceTime her. I gave the phone to Adonis as it rang. After a few rings she picked up.

Phone convo

[Adonis]: Mommy!!

[BM🤰🏼❤️]: Hey mommy's baby. How you doing?

[Adonis]: I good mommy and you?

[BM🤰🏼❤️]: I'm good baby, where's daddy?

[Adonis]: Making pancakes for beakfast.

[BM🤰🏼❤️]: Give daddy the phone.

[Adonis]: Otay. Daddy?

Me: Yes Adonis?

[Adonis]: Mommy wan talk to you.

Yeah no shit. I took the phone from him.

[Me]: Wassup?

[BM🤰🏼❤️]: How you doing with him? Is he being good?

[Me]: Yeah he is, the lil man just got so much energy though.

[BM🤰🏼❤️]: Yeah I know he can be a bit of a handful sometimes.

[Me]: I wonder where he got that from (chuckling).

[BM🤰🏼❤️]: Your not funny.

Adonis: Daddy no burn pancakes.

[Me]: Aye lemme talk to you later okay?

[BM🤰🏼❤️]: Bye Ricky before you kill my baby (giggling).

Phone convo over

I put my phone down and got the pancakes out. I gave him 2 cause I'm pretty sure he won't eat a lot. I got syrup and blueberries on them. Then we started eating.

Me: Wanna go see grandma and daddy's friends?

Adonis: Yes pease.

We finished eating and I cleaned up. I bathe him first and put his clothes on. I sat him on my bed and put some Cocomelon on. I then took a shower and got my clothes on. I then saw how Adonis was glued to the tv. I took out some clothes to wear.

Adonis: Matchy?

I looked at his clothes and nodded my head. I took out the exact same outfit he had. Mmm who knew Lulu had taste.

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