Chapter 44

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Damn it's been a while
Short chapter

Me: What the fuck is on your neck?

I instantly started feeling my blood boil. I got up hella quick and went over to her. I grabbed her face and saw that she had love bites on her neck. I gripped her neck tightly. She tried prying my hands off from her neck.

Santiago: Man what the fuck are you doing? Let her go.

I pushed her hella hard and she fell on her ass.


She looked at me with so much fear. All eyes are on us.


My fists were already bawled up. I can't believe she'd cheat on me after we been together for a year. A WHOLE YEAR!!

Riley: Ricky calm down.

Sheronda: Yeah you didn't even let her explain.

I looked at Lulu to see tears falling down her cheeks. I really don't give a fuck right now cause I'm also hurt.

Me: Talk.

She kept quiet which made me more mad.

Me: I SAID.....


She went over to Lulu's side and helped her get up. They went upstairs with Lulu. Santiago looked at me with a disappointed look. I feel bad now.

Santiago: What the fuck is wrong with you man?

At this point. I don't even know.

Santiago: Your ass don cheated on the girl more than my hands can count but she never put her hands on you.

Omar: And the most fucked up part is, she didn't even cheat on you.

Damn. I fucked up bad man.

Santiago: You better get the fuck up there before I call your momma again.

Man. Santiago is an opp. I went upstairs and found the door locked. I started knocking and then Sheronda opened up.

Sheronda: What the fuck do you want?

She asked putting her hand on her hip. This girl is way too ghetto. No wonder she's a lesbian. No nigga can or wants to put up with her bullshit.

Me: I just wanna talk to her man.

Sheronda: Well she don't wanna talk to your bitch ass.

Oh. She wants to go there?

Riley: Baby let him in.

Sheronda: But.....

Riley: They need to talk this out okay?

Sheronda: Fine.

She rolled her eyes and fully opened the door. She stepped aside and let me in. I saw her sitting on the bed with Ayisha cleaning up some of her scratches. She looked at me with a mean look.

Ayisha: If put your hands on her again I'll cut off your fucking hands and feed them to you, got it?

I nodded my head. The fuck does this bitch think this is? Wrong turn? Santiago sure picked a wife. I'm sure she'll be a great mother.

Ayisha: We'll be in the next room. Scream if you need us.

Scream for what? They got up and left. Ayisha was the last one to leave the room but she punched me in the gut before leaving. I swear this girl doesn't value her life.

I then walked over to her and sat beside her on the bed. There was a lot of space between us but I don't blame her to be honest.

Me: I'm s....

Lulu: Don't. I heard that line way too much Ricky. It's played the fuck out.

Man I'm such a screw up.

Me: I'm sorry man. I don't know why I keep fucking shit up when everything is good between us.

Lulu: Yeah I don't know too. And I don't know why I keep staying with you.

Damn man, that hurts. But it hurts more knowing that I made her feel like this.

Me: I'll.....

I gulped. My anxiety is through the roof.

Me: I'll get help.

She gave me a weird look.

Lulu: What?

Me: I'll get help. Drinking pills only isn't helping so I'll get help.

Lulu: Are you sure?

Me: Yeah man. I don't wanna accidentally hurt you when I'm in one of my episodes. I refuse to put you in harms way.

I can't believe I put my hands on her again. I hate myself for that man. I felt her hand on top of mine.

Lulu: Baby it's okay. You don't have to.....

Me: No man I gotta do this. For you, for us and for me too.

She nodded her head and gave me a hug.

Lulu: I'm so proud of you.

Me: You don't know how much I needed to hear that.

Damn, it's been a long time since I heard those words. We pulled away from the hug and I gave her a kiss.

Me: I love you man.

Lulu: I love you too Ricky.

Since I'm getting help. I hope everything will be just fine now.

I didn't proof read, I apologise for any errors.
To be continued.....

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