Chapter 47

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So Ayisha and I are having a sleepover. Well her dads not here and she's "afraid" to stay alone so I came here. I haven't seen or heard from Ricky in days and I'm honestly good with that. I've been focusing a lot on my school work.

Ayisha: The foods here.

She said, I got up and went to the door. I opened it. The delivery guy gave me the food and I gave him the money. I went back to the lounge and I saw Ayisha with drinks.

Me: Why do you have 4 cups?

Ayisha: Uhhhh.....

Before she can say anything there was a knock at the door. She got up and went to go get it. I heard voices at the door. I then saw Santiago and Ricky come in. Oh hell no.

Me: I'm going home.

I said getting up and headed for the door but Ayisha stopped me.

Ayisha: Noooo, don't leave. I don't wanna stay alone.

Me: Your gonna be perfectly fine with your boyfriend and his friend.

Ricky: Is that what you think of me?

He said coming from behind him but I just ignored him.

Me: Ayisha I wanna go home.

Ayisha: Come on man, we won't have another night like this.

Me: That's fine by me.

Santiago: Come on Lulu, stay for a bit.

Me: I'm not staying here with him.

I said pointing to Ricky.

Ricky: You not gon point at me.

Oh now I really wanna go home. I then saw Santiago smack Ricky on the back of his head.

Santiago: What the fuck is wrong with you man? We talked about this.

I don't care what they talked about cause I wanna go home.

Me: Ayisha.....

Ayisha: Just stay pleaseeeee. For me?

I rolled my eyes and went to sit down. I then began eating. Ayisha and Santiago sat next to each other while Ricky sat down far away from me. Thank God for that.

We all started eating and then we started watching a movie. I began texting Jonathan and he sent me a text that made me giggle.

Santiago: What's so funny?

Me: Mind your own business.

He raised his hands up in surrender. I felt someone staring at me and I saw that it was Ricky.

Me: Can I have my fucking face back?

Ricky: That attitude stank, I can smell it all the way here.

Me: Then don't breathe.

I said sternly looking at him. Ayisha and Santiago were looking at us back and forth. I then diverted my attention back to the movie. A few minutes later I heard groaning and giggling.

Oh hell no. I looked to my right to see Ayisha and Santiago having a full on make out session.

Ayisha: I need some dick daddy (whispering).

Me: Take that shit upstairs with your nasty asses.

Santiago: Bitch please, y'all were fucking while I was on the phone with Ricky that other day.

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