Chapter 61

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So today Jonathan and I are getting Adonis some more things. All his diapers and wipes are about to finish.

Jonathan: You mean to tell me he finished all that shit we brought?

Me: Yeah he shits a lot.

Jonathan: Damn kids are expensive. My baby momma never let me know how much all this shit costed.

Me: What? Why?

Jonathan: I don't know, I used to give her 10k every month for baby things.

Niggas are dumb but at least she got a lot of money out of it.

Jonathan: Ay I gotta go get something from the jewellery store okay?

Me: Oh okay, we'll meet you there then.

He nodded his head and I pushed Adonis's stroller. He started whimpering so I stopped pushing the stroller to see if he was okay.

Me: Aww mommy's baby, what's wrong?

I said putting his pacifier in his mouth.

Person: So, you have a kid now?

Oh no. I know that voice. I turned around to see Malik. You gotta be fucking kidding me. Didn't Ricky kill his bitch ass? He smiled and looked at Adonis.

Malik: Lemme guess, it's that white niggas baby huh?

Omg. Why does everyone say Ricky is black? His momma is light-skinned and his father was light-skinned. I think he chose to be different lmao.

Me: So what? It's not your business Malik.

He chuckled and I covered Adonis. I was about to push the stroller to the store but he stood in front of it.

Me: Move.

Malik: I just wanna talk.

Me: Well I don't Malik so move.

Malik: Or what?

This man is so annoying omg.

Me: Don't do this in front of my son.

Malik: Am I supposed to give a fuck just because he's here?

This is why I left him. He doesn't give a shit at all when we argue in public. He doesn't care who's around watching, he'll always cause a scene.

Malik: So where's your baby daddy?

He said smiling at me.

Me: Go look for him and leave me the fuck alone jeez.

I said about to move the stroller but he grabbed my arm. Not again bruh.

Me: Stop it. You know I bruise easily.

Malik: Where's he at?

Me: I-I don't k-know.

I said about as I was about to cry.

Malik: Your not with him anymore or you?

He said loosening his grip.

Me: Malik.....

Malik: Your coming with me.

He said pulling me in the entrance direction but I saw that Adonis's stroller was still there.

Me: I'm not going anywhere without my baby.

Malik: He'll be fine.

How the fuck can he say that? I sat on the floor crying my eyes out.

Malik: What the fuck is wrong with you?

He said getting mad.

Me: I'm not going anywhere without my son.

I tried pulling away to go back to Adonis's stroller but Malik kept pulling me back.

Malik: Whoever that will find him will take good care of him.

You outta your goddamn mind nigga. I bit his hand and he instantly let go.

Malik: You bitch.

He said as I ran back to Adonis's stroller. I held onto his stroller and I felt okay again. This nigga is outta his damn mind if he thinks imma leave my baby here and let him get taken by strangers.

Malik: Let's go man. Leave that thing.

Oh hell no.

Me: Nigga fuck you and your shrimp dick. I was the one that pushed him outta my vagina, not you. I AINT GOING NOWHERE WITHOUT MY SON!!!

I said getting loud. Malik pisses me the fuck off.

He came behind me and grabbed me. He started prying my hands off of the stroller and I fidgeted even more.


Why isn't anyone doing anything in this goddamn place? Where the fuck is security when you need it?

Malik: Stop fighting me, shit won't end well for you. 


I said even though I knew he was on the other side of the mall. My hands were slipping away from the stroller.

Me: N-no p-please.

Malik: Shut up.

I don't wanna leave my baby.

Malik: Let go before you tip it over.

I hate his nigga so fucking much.

My hands finally slipped from the stroller and I couldn't help but cry even more. I then felt myself getting dropped onto the floor. Bitch ouch. I look to see Malik in a headlock. Thank God, it's Jonathan.

Me: Jonathan.

Jonathan: Get Adonis and let's go.

You can see that Malik is struggling to keep his eyes opened. Ha bitch ass nigga. I ran back to Adonis's stroller and got my baby. I then saw that Malik was out cold. Jonathan let him go and he collapsed onto the floor.

Jonathan: Let's go.

He said pushing Adonis's stroller. I followed closely behind. We got into the car and I strapped Adonis in his car keys. Great, we didn't even get everything Adonis needs.

We then got in the car and he started driving.
The car ride was silent and he looked mad. The silence was broken when he spoke.

Jonathan: Who was that nigga?

Oh yeah, I never told him about Malik.

Me: That was my ex boyfriend Malik.

Jonathan: Why you never told me about him?

Me: Because I didn't feel like I needed to.

He gave me a stank eye when we came to a stop at a red traffic light.

Jonathan: What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

Me: The last time I saw him I thought Ricky killed him, well I thought he did.

Jonathan: Your bum ass baby daddy ain't got the balls too.


Jonathan: I'll take care of him.

What the fuck is wrong with me and fucking with killers? I nodded my head and looked back at Adonis.

Me: We still need to get him the things he doesn't have anymore.

Jonathan: I'll get it for you.

I nodded my head once more but I was in a deep thought. I really thought Ricky killed him, I wonder what made him change his mind. I guess we'll never know.

I didn't proof read, I apologise for any errors.
To be continued.....

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