Chapter 29

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I felt my body moving left and right which made me groan in my sleep.

Me: Stop.

Lulu: I-I have to pee.

I groaned while letting her go. I heard a thud which made me snap outta my sleep. I look on the floor and saw a naked Lulu there. Shit made me laugh.

Lulu: It's not funny.

Me: What's wrong with you man?

Lulu: My legs hurt.

Me: I fucked that pussy up huh? (chuckling).

I saw that she was about to cry so I got out of bed and put my boxers on. I went over to her and picked her up.

Me: Such a damn cry baby.

I sat her down on the toilet and she did her thing. She wiped herself as she was done. I got the shower running and I helped her disabled ass inside. She leaned on the wall and washed herself up and I did the same. I then felt my shit rising so I grabbed her.

Lulu: Get that thing away from me.

Me: Come on man.

Lulu: Ricky no (whining).

I pinned her on the wall and pinned her hands behind her back.

Me: Your my girlfriend, you gotta help me.


Lulu: I ain't gotta do......AHHH!!

I slid my dick in while she was rambling. I gripped her waist and put my thumbs on her back dimples. I started at a normal pace since she's already used to my size.

Lulu: I-I CANT!!

Me: Take this dick ma.

All you can hear in the shower was her moans, my groans and our skins slapping against each other. Music to my ears.

Lulu: I-it's s-so b-big.

Me: I know baby, I know.

I watched as her legs shook uncontrollably. I turned her around picked her up. I slid my dick in and pinned her onto the walls fucking her like that. Her moans sent chills down my spine. I guess they were right. Sex hits different when your in love.

Me: Y-your so tight ma.

Lulu: I-I'm g-gonna c-cum.

Me: Who's pussy is this?

She whimpered which made me quicken my pace.

Me: Talk to me mama (groaning).

Lulu: I-Its yours.

M: Say my name.

Lulu: D-Daddy.

Me: I can't hear you.


I chuckled when I heard her whimpers and moans getting louder. I guess I keep hitting her spot. I felt myself getting closer to cumming. Damn I can never last long with her.

Me: Where you want it baby?

Lulu: I-in m-me.

Your wish is my command. I released my load inside of her and ran down my high. Her pussy is so warm man.

Me: Let's get outta here (chuckling).

She nodded her head and I carried her back to her room. We got dressed and I got a call from Santiago.

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