Chapter 7

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I woke up and held my head while groaning. I looked to the side of my bed to see some hoe in my bed. I kicked her the fuck off and she hit the floor. As soon as she hit the floor she got up hella fast.


I groaned as I felt a hard headache coming up. Why the fuck does she have to yell? It's not my fault she stayed, she should've left.

Me: Bitch would you stop all that yelling?

She kept quiet while I got up and put my pants on. This bitch was staring at me the whole time.

Me: Would you stop staring at me?

She came beside me and started touching on me. I harshly pushed her the fuck away from me.

Me: The fuck is wrong with you man?

Her: We can go again if you want.

Me: Man get your shit and get the fuck outta my house.

Her: Come on Ricky.....


She glared at me and started putting her clothes on. She got all her stuff and pushed past me. Imma fuck this girl up. I went downstairs to see that she was in my kitchen now.

Me: Bro I said get the fuck out. Why you still here?

Her: I'm hungry and I won't leave on an empty stomach.

I groaned while watching her go to my fridge. I then heard my front door open and close. Santiago then came into the kitchen.

Santiago: Sup G? Oop (chuckling).

As he said when he saw the bitch in my kitchen eating MY food.

Santiago: Who's this?

Me: Man I don't even know. I just want her the fuck outta my house.

Her: Well I ain't going nowhere until I eat.

I bawled my fists up as I starting feeling my blood boil. On my momma I'm boutta fuck this bitch up and.......

Santiago: Calm down man. Girl if you don't want Murda to come out, I suggest you get your flat ass outta here.

I would laugh right now if I wasn't so mad. Your probably wondering "Who the fuck is Murda?". Murda is my other personality. I have 2 personalities in total.

Ricky which is me. The calm, chilled and laid back one. Then there's Murda, the very short tempered loose cannon who doesn't give a fuck bout anyone.

Her: Who the fuck is that?

I saw that she started eating shit that my momma cooked for me. That's it.

Santiago: Oh you gonna get it now (chuckling).

I went over to her and smacked the shit outta her. I dragged her to the front door and kicked her out of my house. She can go fuck herself. I shut the door and I went into the lounge sitting down. Santiago came and sat beside me.

Santiago: Did you have to do ole home girl like that? (chuckling).

Me: She had it coming. Now what do you want?

Santiago: To see if you down on going to pick the girls up.

Me: Man why do you want me and the bitch to get together so badly?

Santiago: Cause she seems like a good girl and I trust this one with your heart, which is something that has never happened before.

I nodded my head and started rolling a blunt. I lit it up and laid back on my couch.

Santiago: Soooo, your gonna come with me to pick 'em up?

Me: Sure man whatever.

I sighed and got up going to get ready. 30 minutes I was done and I went downstairs.

Santiago: Damn took you forever to get ready. What are you? A bitch or something?

Me: Man shut the fuck up. It's 12:00 p.m damn.

He rolled his eyes and we headed for my car. This nigga is annoying. I'm tired of driving his ass around all the time. Makes me feel like he's my bitch or some. No homo, I don't swing that way. He got a call and he picked it up.

Santiago: Hey baby.

Oh it's his dumb ass girlfriend.

Santiago: Yeah we're on the way now. What do you mean she doesn't wanna see him? Don't worry I'll make his dumb ass apologise to her.

The fuck are they talking about?

Santiago: See you soon. Bye.

He put his phone down and he death glared me.

Me: Damn can I have my fucking face back?

Santiago: Don't talk to me like I'm your bitch nigga. I'll pull that steering wheel and we'll both hit a tree and die right now.

I kept quiet cause this nigga is actually that crazy.

Santiago: Now why would you say some dumb shit like that to Lulu?

I rolled my eyes.

Me: Not this again man.

I felt a harsh and stinging sensation to the back of my neck. Fuck.

Me: You touch me one more time and I'll make sure your side gets hit first.

Santiago: I'd like to see you try bitch ass nigga.

I kept quiet. I hate this nigga man.

Santiago: Now your gonna apologise to Lulu and you gon fuck with the kid man.

Me: Ian have to do shit man cause I don't want the bitch.

He kept quiet for a few seconds while looking at me.

Santiago: I'm calling your momma.

Man what? He picked his phone up and put it near his ear.

Santiago: Hello momma. I'm good and you? I'm calling because of Ricky. Momma I don't want this bitch ass nigga to miss out on an opportunity of falling in love with someone he can settle down with.

The fuck is he talking about? Murda will never settle down.

Santiago: He said some things to the girl and she doesn't wanna talk to him. Please put some sense into his head. Okay thank you momma. Bye.

I glared at the nigga as soon as he put his phone down. After a few seconds I saw an incoming call from my momma. Bro I hate Santiago deadass. I then pressed the green button.

Phone convo

[Me]: Hey momma.

[Momma]: Don't "hey momma" me. Is what Santiago telling me true? That you like someone but your being mean to them?

[Me]: I ain't being mean to no one momma (groaning).

She then sighed.

[Momma]: Baby I know your afraid of falling in love again but if Santiago likes her then she's definitely in my good books and I say go for it.

[Me]: I don't know man.

[Momma]: Do you really wanna spend the rest of your life all alone because your afraid to give your all again? All your friends will start getting married and having children. What about you Ricky? Do you really wanna die alone with nobody beside you? Die without a legacy? Do you really want that?

Damn man. That really got me thinking.

I didn't proof read, I apologise for any errors.
To be continued.....

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