Chapter 73

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I'd like to say that after Ricky's session, our relationship is stronger than ever. He was right, going to his session was a good idea not only for our relationship but for me too.

I needed to know everything and yes it did hurt, a lot but now I have faith in our relationship again.

Adonis: MOMMY!!

Mommy duties never end. I got up and went to the playroom. I saw Ricky on his computer playing a game. I looked around in the room and I didn't see Adonis.

Me: Baby where's Adonis?

I said, he just pointed under his table. I rolled my eyes while giggling. I looked under his table and found Adonis hiding there.

Me: What do you think your doing?

Adonis: Playing hide and no seek with mommy.

Me: You mean hide and go seek.

Adonis: Huh?

He looked clueless as fuck.

Me: Never mind, get out from there.

I said giggling. He got out and sat on his daddy's lap. Now Adonis and I are watching Ricky play his game.

Adonis: Daddy can I play too?

Ricky: This game isn't for babies Adonis.

Adonis: I no baby daddy.

Omg man.

Me: Adonis let's give your daddy some space to play his game. Okay?

Adonis: Otay.

He raised his hands up and I picked him up.

Me: Dinners gonna be ready at 19:00 baby.

Ricky: Thanks babe.

We left the room and went downstairs. I sat Adonis in his high chair. I gave him the tablet and put CocoMelon for him. As I was cooking I heard some noises, very suspicious noises. I didn't take that chance to go see what it was.

I quickly picked Adonis up and ran upstairs. I closed the door and locked it. Ricky looked at me weirdly.

Ricky: Whatchu doing slamming the door like that for?

Me: Ricky someone's in our house.

Ricky: What?

Me: I heard some noises while I was in the kitchen. It sounded like someone was tryna unlock the door.

He nodded his head and got up. He put a blindfold on Adonis. He then got his guns and he put on a bullet proof vest. When and where did he get that? He went to the mirror and pulled it. I saw that there was a room there. What the fuck? What typa spy kids movie is this?

Ricky: Get in.

Ain't gotta tell me twice. But I couldn't help but be mad at him.

Me: You said that you stopped dealing.

Ricky: Baby I promise, I'm not dealing anymore.

We heard a few things breaking in the lounge.

Me: Then why are they in our house Ricky?

Ricky: I don't know man but imma go check it out.

Me: Come back to us okay?

Ricky: I will.

He said before giving me a kiss on the forward and then closed the door or mirror or whatever this thing is. I don't know what to call this room. I'll call it the safe room.

Adonis: Mommy I scared.

Me: It's okay Adonis, mommy's got you.

He laid his head on my chest. I heard a gunshot and I covered Adonis's ears. A few more gunshots followed and I couldn't help but feel scared. I hope Ricky is okay.

I heard footsteps coming upstairs and I saw that it was Ricky. I got out the room and immediately hugged him. He was covered in blood.

Me: What happened?

Ricky: You were right, someone broke into our house. They stole a couple of our stuff but I made some of them go bye bye. The rest got away.

I sighed in relief. Ricky doesn't wanna use bad words around Adonis.

Me: We can replace those things.

Ricky: Yeah but now I gotta up the security.

Adonis: Daddy?

He said looking around but it's not like he's gonna see anything since he has a blindfold on.

Ricky: Gimme a second Adonis.

He said going into the bathroom, taking his shit off and cleaning himself. He came back and took the blindfold off of Adonis. He immediately got into his fathers arms.

Adonis: Where was daddy?

Ricky: Daddy was playing hide and seek with his 4 friends.

Adonis: Did daddy win?

Ricky: I did (chuckling).

He clapped his hands while giggling.

Adonis: Daddy is the best.

He nodded his head and handed Adonis to me. We heard a car pull up outside.

Ricky: It's okay, I called them. You two stay here while we clean up down there okay?

I nodded my head, he gave Adonis and I a kiss on the forehead. He left and I locked the room in case if anything happens. I sat on the bed with Adonis.

Adonis: Mommy where daddy going?

Me: He's going to clean with his friends because they made a big mess downstairs.

Adonis: Daddy is bad for make mess.

Me: Yes he is, we can bite him when he gets back (giggling).

Adonis clapped his hands while giggling also. A few minutes later I heard a knock.

Ricky: Baby it's me, open up.

I got up and opened the door. He took Adonis and went downstairs with him. I followed behind them. We got downstairs and I saw that not a lot of stuff was missing.

Our tv was gone, the ps5, the table and vases were also gone. Did they wanna steal that? Damn people must be struggling for real outchea.

Adonis: Mommy where the tv?

Ricky: I had to throw it out cause it broke Adonis.

He nodded his head and sat Adonis on the couch with the tablet. Ricky and I went into the kitchen.

Me: Well I'm glad things didn't end the way I thought they were.

Ricky: Lulu nothings gonna happen to you, to Adonis and to me. I'm always gon have our backs mama.

Me: I know I just....

Damn my anxiety.

Ricky: I'll bring Bruno and Calise to watch our yard.

Bruno and Calise are Ricky's pitbulls. They are very well trained and they love Adonis. I think they see a brother in him. They are also very protective.

Me: Yeah I think that's a good idea.

He came closer to me and pulled me in by my waist.

Ricky: I love you mama.

Me: I love you too.

I really do love this man.

I didn't proof read, I apologise for any errors.
To be continued.....

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