Chapter 1

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Short chapter



Your probably wondering what I'm doing right now. Im packing all my stuff because I'm moving away, again. This is the 6th time I'm moving in 19 years of my life. The reason why I move away a lot is because of my dads company.

They move him around in every sector of the world that the business is in. There's nothing I can do about it but it's very annoying because I make friends and then I have to leave them.

My thoughts were interrupted when my big brother walked in, his name is Darryl and he's only 26 years old. He doesn't live with us but he's helping us move.

Darryl: You need help there baby sis?

I nodded my head and he grabbed my boxes then left. Again, your probably wondering why I don't have my own place? It's because I don't want my dad to live alone and because I haven't gotten enough money for my own place yet.

Oh I forgot. I got enrolled at a university where where we're moving to, thank God for my fathers connections. I got the rest of my things and went downstairs to the truck.

Dad: That's it Jeff. We'll see you in New York.

Yeah we're moving to New York. I know right, the big city. Very nice but yet also very scary because of the amount of crowded areas there are over there.

Dad: Come on we gotta get going.

I nodded my head and hugged my brother. I'm sad to leave him now.

Darryl: Don't worry lil sis, I'll come there to visit you and dad okay? (smiling).

I nodded my head but then I pouted giving him another hug.

Me: But I'll miss you though.

Darryl: I'll call you everyday (chuckling). Now get going before y'all get late for y'all's flight.

I got in the car, I then saw my dad and Darryl dapping each other up. I'm really gonna miss him.

Dad: I'll see you soon son.

Darryl: See you soon old man (chuckling). Have a safe trip.

Dad: We will. Bye son.

Darryl: Bye guys.

My dad pulled out of the driveway and I couldn't help but be sad. I looked at our home for the last time in the rear view mirror, also seeing Darryl waving us goodbye then getting into his car. I then heavily and sadly sighed.

Dad: Don't worry baby, this is the last time we're moving.

Me: That's what you said last time.

Dad: I know this isn't easy for you but i promise you'll have fun. Just like all the years we've been moving around.

I nodded my head and then I realised we were at the airport already. We got our stuff out of the car and went into the airport.

We went through immigrations and customs, everything we had was okay. We headed for the plane and we sat down in our seats.

Dad: You okay?

Me: Yeah, just really tired that's all.

He nodded his head and laid back in his seat.

Dad: Oh by the way, your aunt Gigi might come pay us a visit so please be nice to her this time.

I looked at him weirdly. Your probably wondering who's aunt Gigi? Aunt Gigi is my dad's sister. She has never liked me or my momma and she made it difficult for us to feel welcome whenever we're at family functions or get togethers. I don't like that bitch. She's like that evil stepmom from Cinderella.

Dad: Promise me that?

Me: Whatever dad.

He then sighed and kept quiet. I put my AirPods on and started listening to some music. I dozed off to sleep since this flight is 3 hours.

I got woken out of my sleep when I felt the plane bumping. I looked around to see that we were landing. Oh thank God. I thought I was meeting my creator soon. The plane finally came to a stop.

My dad and I took our seat belts off and got our luggage. We went inside the airport and made our way out of it. We went to the parking area and looked for our rental car.

We then found it and we put all our luggage in it. We got into the car and my dad started driving.

As we made our way to the house, I couldn't help but look around and take pictures and also videos. We got to the house and I must say. It is adorable and big.

Dad: That's our new home (smiling).

Me: Please don't say home. Cause every time you say that we end up moving again.

He sighed and switched the car off.

Dad: I'm really trying here you know.

I nodded my head and looked out the window.

Dad: I promise this is the last time we're moving. Okay?

I nodded my head and we saw the moving truck coming to a stop behind us. We then got out and we started taking things from the truck into the house. We put everything in the lounge. Once we were done unloading everything we went to go pick our rooms.

This house has 3 bedrooms and I took the one I found suited me best. It was big and it had its own bathroom. I went downstairs to get my things so I can unpack. While I was unpacking I heard a knock at the door.

Dad: Would you get that sweetie?

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To be continued.....

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