A Pirates Dream by KellBell-
A Pirates Dreamby Kelly ❤
Story of 3 brothers and one 1 girl who one brother cares for more then anything. "Lucy! You can't the island! Your dad can't be serious about this?!" Luffy yel...
  • fairytail
  • promises
  • luffy
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Kayn's Prodigy: A League of Legends Fan Fiction by catpettingparty
Kayn's Prodigy: A League of catpettingparty
After Kayn obtained Rhaast he felt he had surpassed Zed. He fled the Order of The Shadows, knowing that he'd have a bounty on his head. He had one option: To truly surpa...
  • ooc
  • moba
  • zed
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Her Water Duelist (Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V Lulu X Male Reader) by Archfiend_Dragon
Her Water Duelist (Yu-Gi-Oh Archfiend_Dragon
You was a duelist from Heartland City and was best friends with Yuto and Shay. You always wanted to bring smiles to everyone in Heartland, especially when you meet Lulu...
  • yugioh
  • lulu
  • malereader
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Head-Cannons: A Creepypasta Headcanon Book by Donut_Thug
Head-Cannons: A Creepypasta Kuko
We know so little about our favourite creeps, killers, and demons. So let's mix in some chaos! Keeping canon information in mind, let's take a look at everything from ch...
  • lulu
  • bendrowned
  • masky
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Creepypasta girlfriend senerios by Sin_Jauregui
Creepypasta girlfriend seneriosby Sin Jauregui
Just my Lame ideas of how you (The reader) would be if you dated a female Creepypasta
  • yuri
  • creepypasta
  • lulu
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pink stars - 3 . 0 by PINKISMS
pink stars - 3 . 0by -
❝ when i saw those beautiful eyes my heart fluttered .❞ started: 6/12/18 ended: ????? cover: @mintmillky
  • admin
  • shrekisdaddy
  • woe
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Creepypasta headcannons ^w^ by Artsiticgeek
Creepypasta headcannons ^w^by Artsiticgeek
My own headcannons of what I think the pastas would do
  • lulu
  • puppeteer
  • zalgo
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Quiet Type  by latunechi__
Quiet Type by LaTanya
Ayana Jones is the shy, quiet, kept to herself type of girl. She is very smart & beautiful but never really showed it. She always stayed in the background but then life...
  • goodstory
  • firstbook
  • read
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Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V! Lulu x Male reader story. by clear_stardust
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V! Lulu x Male ClearStardust
You are a duelist from Heartland city (Xyz Dimension).You are friend with Shay Obsidian,his sister Lulu and Yuto.One day Academia attacked your home destroying everythin...
  • yugioharc-v
  • lulu
  • ruri
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[ HUNHAN ] [ EDIT ]  Ba Yêu Con , LuLu !!!❤️❤️ by nguyenledoanthanh
[ HUNHAN ] [ EDIT ] Ba Yêu Thanh Luhan
Edit : Thanh Luhan Paring : HunHan Genre : Fluff , Romance , Drama , HE Rating : NC - 17
  • luhan
  • hunhan
  • lulu
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Creepypasta Zodiacs by Xx_Little_Creeper_xX
Creepypasta Zodiacsby Xx_Little_Creeper_xX
"eH, yOuR kInDa CuTe..." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Sigh) Okay.....It's one of those Creepypasta Zodiac Books! Is what you maybe I right...
  • smiledog
  • puppeteer
  • hoodie
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Los sentimientos que perdí {Veigar x Lulu} by Reca666
Los sentimientos que perdí { Anónim U.U
Oke, aquí narraré la historia de como se conocieron estos dos personajes, cómo se hicieron amigos y demuestra que hasta el ser más malvado y lleno de odio del mundo pued...
  • love
  • legends
  • romance
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Lulu's Strawberry Dream | Waitress the Musical Fanfiction  by leah_ann
Lulu's Strawberry Dream | l.e.a.h.a.n.n.
NOTE: You do not need to be obsessed with this musical like I am to enjoy this story, so please read!!! Lulu Colman's parents got a divorce when she was born. Which she'...
  • sarabareilles
  • jessiemuller
  • elladane
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❤Transformando Corazones ❤ by YuzukiSweet
❤Transformando Corazones ❤by Yuzuki UwU
Un corazón puro e inocente puede cambiar a algunos seres, lulu es una de ellas con su encanto y personalidad no se a dado cuenta que a cautivado el corazón de 2 yordle q...
  • yordel
  • lulu
  • drama
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Come Closer (lulu x female child reader) by GabeBlue180
Come Closer (lulu x female child GabeBlue180
You and your sister are running away from the hell hole you call "home" but little did you know that your sister was hiding something from you, a big dark secr...
  • someromance
  • childreader
  • femalereader
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Creepypasta x  Child reader/reader by Kittycakes300
Creepypasta x Child reader/readerby Kylee Hale
about a 6 yr old girl who has a abusive mother and wants to runaway but does she?
  • ben
  • jeffthekiller
  • toby
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Sanders sides Oneshot  by lukathewitch24
Sanders sides Oneshot by Virgil x Lulu
Yu Gi Oh Arc V and Sanders Sides
  • virgil
  • lulu
  • deceit
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Jeff The Killer X Laughing Jack ( contains sex, language, gore, and romance.) by katelyngray26
Jeff The Killer X Laughing Jack ( creepypasta fan 101
I explain in the story how Jeff The Killer gets to the mansion and how everyone reacts. 3 years later we get into how Jeff and Jack have developed a friendship, but Jack...
  • ticcitoby
  • rake
  • janethekiller
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Creepypasta - Zodiac signs reader inclusion by Eloego
Creepypasta - Zodiac signs Maesthetix
-Zodiac Signs - Reader inclusion - probably cp x reader ig in the reader inclusion -imagines from time to time -unedited -swearing as you can imagine. -I'ma probably us...
  • zodiacsigns
  • romance
  • masky
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Dark Matter (League of Legends) by TheTiniestYordle
Dark Matter (League of Legends)by Ghostly Yordle
Veigar is the darkest and most twisted yordle in League of Legends. He may be tiny but he packs a large amount of damage into all his attacks and can dominate the rift e...
  • luluxveigar
  • lulu
  • leagueoflegends
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