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Creepypasta Zodiac book!! by proxiyLover
Creepypasta Zodiac book!!by Proxiy~Chan
Hello there fellow hooman/Demon/Neko/Ghost or whatever you are. My very own Creepypasta zodiac book! I have nothing better to do and remind me if I forget your zodiac in...
  • homicidleliu
  • funny
  • creepypasta
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Thug Love ( Book 3 ) ~ YBN Nahmir by Chalyse123
Thug Love ( Book 3 ) ~ YBN Nahmirby chalyse.
If you haven't read Book 1 nor Book 2 , then don't read this one . Enjoy Though ?? .
  • mature
  • gangs
  • faith
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Lulu & Mason  ✔ (under construction) by littlemisssunshine-
Lulu & Mason ✔ (under ty
In which a one night stands leaves two strangers with a third party. book one
  • parents
  • pregnancy
  • lulu
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Creepypasta Zodiacs  by Bianca_BellaBell
Creepypasta Zodiacs by Bianca
ya I know a lot of people have done this but eh. enjoy. Or don't enjoy. Depends on who u are...
  • random
  • sally
  • lulu
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Fairy tail: I Will Never Forgive by cutesugarpie
Fairy tail: I Will Never Forgiveby Kiara~!
Lucy is being ignored by almost everybody at the guild because their beloved Lisanna is back, Lucy was just the replacement. Lucy is kicked off team Natsu because...
  • lulu
  • fairytail
  • betrayal
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Love Triangle ( Lucy's harem! ) by Luna56789012345
Love Triangle ( Lucy's harem! )by LunaRose56789012345
Lucy is the new student in Fairy Tail Academy, what happens when she has to live in the same dorm as the 11 most baddest and dangerous boys in the academy! Will she surv...
  • lovetriangle
  • jalu
  • harem
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Lulu's Strawberry Dream | Waitress the Musical Fanfiction  by leah_ann
Lulu's Strawberry Dream | l.e.a.h.a.n.n.
NOTE: You do not need to be obsessed with this musical like I am to enjoy this story, so please read!!! Lulu Colman's parents got a divorce when she was born. Which she'...
  • pomatter
  • fangirl
  • divorce
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Four Becoming One: A Yu Gi Oh Story by JPPoole
Four Becoming One: A Yu Gi Oh Storyby JP Poole
The world has been split into four dimesions. It's the mission of a Masked Boy to put the dimensions back together. He runs into the Bracelet Girls, the Zarc Counterpart...
  • riokastle
  • braceletgirls
  • rin
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Late night owl by lilselixo
Late night owlby lilselixo
  • ybnjay
  • tori
  • norealtions
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A Pirates Dream by KellBell-
A Pirates Dreamby Kelly ❤
Story of 3 brothers and one 1 girl who one brother cares for more then anything. "Lucy! You can't the island! Your dad can't be serious about this?!" Luffy yel...
  • luffyxlucy
  • promises
  • lucy
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Creepypasta girlfriend senerios by Sin_Jauregui
Creepypasta girlfriend seneriosby Sin Jauregui
Just my Lame ideas of how you (The reader) would be if you dated a female Creepypasta
  • cpgirls
  • sallywilliams
  • slenderwoman
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Ben Drowned x Reader by anime_girl329
Ben Drowned x Readerby anime_girl329
Ben is just out on another kill but when he sees (y/n) he can't do it, he feels a strange new feeling.. this feeling is love.
  • ticcitoby
  • clockwork
  • lulu
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Creepypasta headcannons ^w^ by Artsiticgeek
Creepypasta headcannons ^w^by Artsiticgeek
My own headcannons of what I think the pastas would do
  • zero
  • wattys2018
  • zalgo
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Creepypasta Sister Scenarios  by Jaschicken
Creepypasta Sister Scenarios by CP Queen
Want to have one of the creepypastas as your sister? Now is your chance! Cover by me!
  • judgeangel
  • bloodypainter
  • laughingjack
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Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V! Lulu x Male reader story. by clear_stardust
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V! Lulu x Male ClearStardust
You are a duelist from Heartland city (Xyz Dimension).You are friend with Shay Obsidian,his sister Lulu and Yuto.One day Academia attacked your home destroying everythin...
  • malereader
  • lulu
  • ruri
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Creepypasta (plus Masky and Hoodie) Zodiacs by Xx_Little_Creeper_xX
Creepypasta (plus Masky and 👌🏻Little_Creeper
"WhAt ZoDiaC aRe YoU?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Sigh) Okay.....It's one of those Creepypasta Zodiac Books! Is what you maybe I...
  • homicidalliu
  • hoodie
  • puppeteer
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I've had enough (colu) by Blossom_Queen8474
I've had enough (colu)by Blossom_Queen8474
lucy leaves fairytail due to the abuse. she joins sabertooth and falls in love. finds out what happens.
  • minerva
  • pain
  • sabertooth
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Odd Love ( Lulu x Veigar LoL Fanfic) by SupremeVeigar
Odd Love ( Lulu x Veigar LoL UnfunnyName
Love can bloom in all shapes and sizes. But what about a evil wizard bent on world dominance and a slightly crazy sorceress who is stuck in a imaginary world all the tim...
  • lol
  • romance
  • love
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Alone Together (Veigar X Lulu) by Lore_Of_Legends
Alone Together (Veigar X Lulu)by Lore_Of_Legends
When all yordle champions are called home to Bandle City, the two banished ones are left alone. Will Veigar survive spending a whole weekend with Lulu? Or will she drive...
  • leagueoflegends
  • riotgames
  • veigarxlulu
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Jeff The Killer X Laughing Jack ( contains sex, language, gore, and romance.) by katelyngray26
Jeff The Killer X Laughing Jack ( creepypasta fan 101
I explain in the story how Jeff The Killer gets to the mansion and how everyone reacts. 3 years later we get into how Jeff and Jack have developed a friendship, but Jack...
  • pinkamena
  • scootaloo
  • hoodie
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