Chapter 71 (Part One)

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So today is Ricky's therapy session and his therapist wanted me there. I knew that I had to be there in order for our relationship to get better. Ricky and I sat down each other and waited for his therapist. She then came in. She then looked at me before she sat down.

Woman: You must be Lulu?

Me: Yes I am. I see that my name has been mentioned a few times.

Woman: Yes but don't worry I've only heard good things.

Me: I hope so.

I said giggling nervously.

Woman: Well my name is Katrina. Shall we begin the session?

I nodded my head.

Katrina: Firstly let's talk about you and what you do.

Me: Oh well my name is Lulu Capone and I'm 21. I have a 2 year old beautiful baby boy and I am a paediatrician.

Katrina: Woah that's pretty amazing for such a young lady like you.

Me: Thank you (smiling).

Katrina: How was your childhood?

Me: My childhood wasn't that good. Instead of playing outside with kids my age I'd stay inside watching tv and eating.

Katrina: Why is that?

Me: I was a chubby kid back then (giggling).

Katrina: How was your upbringing?

Me: It was okay. My dad gave me all the love in the world and he'd spoil me a lot.

Katrina: What about your mother?

Me: I never knew her.

Katrina: I'm sorry.

I nodded my head.

Katrina: Do you know about Ricky's upbringing?

I shook my head no. She then faced him.

Katrina: Why don't you tell her?

Ricky: I'd say my upbringing was moderate. I have 4 siblings and amazing loving mother. You know I had a father, he used to do everything for us until he got murdered. That's where things went downhill. I started getting violent, doing criminal activities at a young age and I was locked up a few times. My siblings and I had to get money in order to stay afloat and keep our home. We didn't want momma worrying about all that stuff.

Well I did not know all of that.

Katrina: Did you know all of this?

I shook my head no.

Katrina: Ricky has been seeing me for the past 2 years now. We've been tackling his issues one by one and there just seems to be one more issue left. And that's you.

Wait Ricky has been going to therapy for 2 years now? Damn I'm proud of him to be honest and I can't believe he kept this from me.

Me: Me? I'm not sure if I follow.

Katrina: Every single session we've had, he's mentioned your name. He told me about him cheating, the break up and your pregnancy. He's told me everything.

Me: Oh. So why am I here if you know everything?

I'm confused. If she knows everything, then why am I here?

Katrina: So today I asked him to bring you here because I would like to know your side of everything he's told me. Will you be able to answer my questions together?

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