Chapter 17

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I decided that I should move on from Ricky. It's been a week since I last saw him or heard from him, well that's because I blocked him on all social media platforms. Right now I'm with Dante watching tv. My dad is out on a boys trip with Ayisha's dad.

Dante: This nigga going on a killing spree for what?

Me: Nigga I don't know. Maybe because he doesn't like anyone?

He hummed and I giggled at him. He's so glued to the tv and he wants to know exactly what's happening. I heard a knock at the door and I went to go open it. I opened it to see Ayisha, Santiago and a very sad Ricky.

Me: What do you guys want?

Ayisha: Damn no "hey bestie"?

I rolled my eye then I crossed my arms and leaned on the door frame.

Me: I'm kinda busy right now.

Santiago: Whatchu busy with?

Before I can even say anything I heard Dante laughing. I guess they heard him cause they all furrowed their eyebrows at me.

Ricky: Who the fuck you got over here?

Me: That doesn't concern you the fuck.

Ricky: It does because I'm boutta kill that nigga.

Me: Your not.....

Before I can even finish my sentence he pushed past me. Oh my fucking God. He went into the lounge and he saw Dante.

Ricky: The fuck you doing here man?

Dante: She asked me to come over cause she was bored. I don't see the big problem man.

Ricky: The big problem is that your supposed to be my homeboy but your in my girls house nigga. Get the fuck out.

He sighed and got up.

Me: Dante sit back down. We're not done watching the movie yet.

He sat back down and Ricky looked at me like he didn't hear what I said. He gave me a "the fuck" look. He chuckled and looked at Dante. He got his gun out and crocked it which made me step back.

Ricky: You better get the fuck outta here before I kill you (chuckling).

Dante got up and got his belongings then left. I looked at Ricky in pure disgust.

Ricky: The fuck you looking at me like that for?

I can see Santiago facepalming himself at the corner of my eye.

Me: Fuck you Ricky.

Ricky: Fuck me? What for? You decided to get with my homeboy after a week later we broke up.

Me: If we broke up then what the fuck are you doing here?

Ricky: I came to apologise because I miss you man but I can clearly see where your heads at.

He walked to the door and opened it whereas I slammed it shut.

Me: You have no right to just storm off when you cheated on me more than twice.

Ricky: So what? You was tryna get your revenge and shit?

Me: We're all not hoes like you Ricky.

Santiago: Oop.

Ayisha nudged him hard and told him to shut up. Ricky then sighed.

Ricky: I know man, I'm tryna change for you ma but I can't do that without you.

I don't wanna lie, that kinda melted my heart. I felt my face begin to light up but I didn't want him to win me over that easily.

Ricky: I see that smile, don't try and hide it now from me baby (smiling).

I couldn't help but smile man. His smile is so contagious. He then gave me a nervous look.

Ricky: So, will you take me back?

Me: Yeah I will.

I hope I'm not gonna regret this again. This is the third chance I'm giving him. He kissed me on my forehead and gave me a big hug.

Santiago: Oh thank God. I was tired of his sad ass.

Ayisha: Yeah, he been annoying us and shit. We had to take his dumbass to date night with us cause he was missing you.

I giggled and looked at Ricky.

Ricky: Man y'all are fake.

Ayisha: Nobody can handle you better than her.

I mean that is true lol.

Santiago: Well we gotta go. Have fun guys.

They left and I was stuck with this nigga of mines.

Me: Whatchu wanna do?

Ricky: Ion. Whatever you want mama.

I pulled him to my room and made him lay down. I got on top of him and I felt his hands snaking around me. I took in his scent. I won't lie I missed this man for real man.

Ricky: I promise I won't fuck up man.

Mmmm. I've heard that before but he's cheated on me 3 times now, or maybe more than that but I can't leave him alone.

Ricky: I love you.

I felt his heartbeat beating normally. Maybe he really does mean it.

Me: I love you too.

I really hope I'm making the right decision by staying with him. Maybe he is sorry and maybe he'll change this time. I guess only time will tell.

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To be continued.....

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