Chapter Thirty-One

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All week my mom has been teasing me, asking me if I need condoms or if she should put me on birth control. I usually end up locking myself in my room for the whole day after she says something. And she wonders why I don't tell her anything.

Today was the last day of school so tomorrow we leave to California. I texted everyone who's going to meet me at my house so we could make a plan, get food, what to pack and everything that comes with planning a long trip.

My mom wasn't going to let me go, but I convinced her. By convinced her, I mean doing enough chores around the house. The only reason she let me go is because she's going to Austin over spring break and felt bad about leaving me at home alone.

The doorbell rung. I opened the door and there was Dean and Chuck standing on opposites sides of the door. They aren't really on speaking terms but they aren't going to kill each other either.

"Hey, come in." I said, walking into the living room. They both walked in and sat down on the opposite sides of the room.

"Be right back, I'm going to change into something more comfortable. Try not to kill each other while I'm gone" I said when no one answered.

"Yeah, make it tight" Chuck smirked.

Dean clenched his fists and I rolled my eyes, walking upstairs. I changed into shorts and a t-shirt, the opposite of what Chuck asked for.

"Oh, nice." Chuck teased as I walked down the stairs.

"Chuck, enough." I said. He was just trying to provoke Dean. It was working. The doorbell rung again. Thank god. I opened the door, letting Emily and Harry in.

"Finally, Dean looks likes he's going to murder Chuck." I whispered as I walked them into the living room. Emily and Harry chuckled when they saw Chuck and Dean.

"Okay let's make a-" My words got interrupted when the doorbell rung again. Emily got up to answer it and let Sam in.

"Wow, what happened to you?" Sam asked Dean.

"He's trying not to kill Chuck." Harry replied. Chuck looked satisfied when he noticed.

"Anyways Alex, speak." Emily said, interrupting them and holding Harry's hand.

"We need to make a list of things to pack, we need to go to the store and get snack for the road, and we need to go get the tires checked. So lets give everyone jobs. Two people make a list, two people go to the store and two people get the tires checked." I said, everyone seemed to agree.

"How do we pick jobs? It won't be fair if someone is doing something easy and someone is doing something hard like getting tires checked." Harry asked, making a good point.

"Let's draw names for each job" I said. Everyone agreed. I wrote down everyone's names and put it in a hat.

"This is for writing a list." I said as Emily pulled two names out of the hat.

"The first one is Sam, the second one is Emily. Oh, that's me." She read out loud. Sam looked pleased, he was probably happy he didn't have to go shopping or something. Harry frowned, probably due to the fact that Emma was with another guy instead of him.

"Okay, this is for picking out snacks" I called out. Emily picked out another two names.

"First is Alex, second is Chuck." She said, laughing to herself.

"Oh, fuck no!" Dean yelled, getting up.

"Rules are rules." Chuck said, trying to make him even more mad.

"Damn it." Harry said.

"What?" Everyone asked, looking confused.

"I'm stuck with tire duty." he complained.

"Me too, but that's the least of my problems." Dean said, staring at Chuck.

"It's already five, come on, lets get going" Emily said, she seemed a little stressed.

"You better not touch her." Dean warned, grinding his teeth.

"Okay, but I can't stop her from touching me." He winked.

"Chuck!" I yelled.

"Yeah, lets go." he said, getting up.

Dean got up and wrapped his hand around my waist, pulling me closer to him. He pressed his lips on mine, passionately kissing me. like he was claiming his territory from Chuck.

"Lets go!" Chuck complained, eager to leave.

"Someone's an eager beaver." Harry joked.

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