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Chapter Forty-Two

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Chuck realized I wasn't in the mood and stopped joking.

"I'm sorry, okay? I didn't mean to." He said, serious.  I looked down, embarrassed.

"It's fine." I muttered. Sam jumped in front of me.

"It is not fine! You need to take a step back!" He yelled.

"Can we all just forget about it?" I rolled my eyes, not wanting the attention on me.

Everyone ignored me, they all just stared at each other with evil glares. "Fine!" I cried, walking off to the hotel.

"Oh my god! I said I was sorry!" I heard Chuck yell from behind me.


I got back to the hotel and put on comfortable clothes. I laid in my bed, waiting for everyone else to get back. I could hear Emily and Harry arguing in the hallway. She was complaining about how Harry is too aggressive and he was complaining about Sam. I fell asleep to their constant bickering.

Later I was woken up by Chuck.

"Alex, wake up." he whispered softly, next to me.

"Huh?" I groaned, opening my eyes.

"I'm sorry about everything." He continued to whisper.

"Chuck, it's fine."

"No, it's not fine. I could've seriously hurt you."

"Stop, please."

"You have to know how sorry I am."

"I get it, you're sorry."

"If it helps I don't remember what you looked like without.. You know."

"Chuck! No, it doesn't help"

"I'm just saying.."

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