Chapter Twenty-Seven

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"I'm sorry.." Dean whispered into my ear as he hugged me.

He had the perfect amount of cologne which made me go crazy for him. His warm touch made me feel safe and secure as he ran his fingers through my hair.

"Me too." I whispered back softly, leaning my head on his chest.

I pulled away, looking up at Chuck. His face looked heartbroken, but I know he uses girls. I won't put myself in a position to be hurt by him. Ever. He's not worth the pain.

Dean released me, still sitting next to me. I turned towards Dean, knowing Chuck was watching, and pressed my lips against his to let Chuck know it's over between him and I. Dean kissed back passionately while holding me by my waist. Chuck clenched his fists together as he watched.

"Wow, calm down, Chuck." Harry said when he noticed. Chuck snapped out of it and immediately made a comment back.

"It's okay Harry you're not the only one who can't fuck their girlfriend." Chuck said, implying that Harry couldn't fuck Emily.

I stopped kissing Dean when I heard it. Dean got up and I looked over to Harry.

Harry got up and punched Chuck in the stomach.

"Next time it will be the face." Harry warned before he stormed out of the room.

"This is for trying to steal my girl." Dean said as he punched Chuck on his cheek, making him fall to the ground. "This is for saying inappropriate things about Alex," He said as he took another swing. "And finally, this is for touching her." he said, giving Chuck one last punch. Chuck was on the floor, in pain.

I ran over to him to take care of him. Dean left my room, frustrated, when he saw me helping Chuck. Emily had already left when Harry left to calm him down. I pulled Chuck by the wrists over to the kitchen. I wiped a wet wash cloth over his wound.

"Thanks." Chuck said, watching me wipe his face. I nodded, trying to avoid talking to him."Ow!" Chuck groaned as I purposely pushed on his bruised cheek, trying to get him to notice me. Idiot. I got annoyed and pressed harder on his bruise. "Ow, Alex! You're doing it on purpose!" He yelled, grabbing my wrist, pulling it away from his face.

"Wow, you just noticed that?" I said, rolling my eyes then waking away. Chuck had a confused look on his face. He grabbed my arm pulling me back.

"What's the problem?" He asked, clueless. I tugged my arm away, throwing the towel down on the floor.





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