Chapter Sixty

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Just after we got our clothes on, Emily and Chuck walked in with Sam. Chuck sat across from Dean giving him an evil glare. Emily wiggled her eyebrows up and down as she looked at Dean and I.

I cover my face with my hands in embarrassment. Dean took one of my hands and held it close to him. He kissed me on the cheek which made me smile.

I could feel the pressure from Sam's and Chuck's eyes on us. "Are you done staring?" I ask, making both of them get up.

Sam sat in the chairs across from us. I knew he was going to lecture us about it. I also knew Chuck would probably call me a slut and Dean would hit him.

"Okay.. How about we skip the lecture and forget about it?" I ask.

Sam didn't say anything, he just put his head down on the table. "See now look what you did!" Chuck raised his voice as he stared into my eyes.

"Sam, I'm sorry. Please don't be mad." I begged.

Sam got up and gave me a hug. "Just be carful." He warned.

"I am, we are." I sighed.

"That's it?" Chuck asked. "I thought you were going to get mad at her?"

We all ignored him. As we left him at the table alone.


Dean took me out to dinner later that night. "You're pretty good for just starting out." He smirked.

"What?" I ask cluelessly.

"In bed." He winked.

"Ohhhh.. Okay" I blushed bright red.

He smiled at my reaction. "I know you loved it too."

"How? I could've hated it?" I ask quietly.

"Well let's just say with what you were doing, I know you enjoyed it." He laughed.

"I'm not even going to ask." I look down.


We finish our meal and start to walk back to the hotel.

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