Chapter Sixty-Five

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I woke up the next morning laying in Chucks arms. I immediately shook Chuck awake. "Oh shit.. We.. Oh my god." I said, remembering what happened last night.

"We sure did." He smiled.

"Chuck, oh my god!" I started to freak out.

"Hey, it was your idea." He said quietly.

"Oh shit!"

"Shhh.. You were amazing."


"Yeah?" He asked

"Shut up." I mumbled.

"I'm serious. It was wow." He acted all surprised like it was going to be bad.

"Hush, we need to go to school." I started to get up.

"Wait, my dads downstairs." He pulled my arm, holding me back.

"Fuck. Go distract him while I sneak out." I suggested.

"Fine." He whined as he got up.

We got downstairs and Chuck went to go talk to his dad, making him face the opposite direction. "Dad, I've got a problem." Chuck said.

"What is it?" Bart asked him. I started to walk towards the door. "Do you need me to buy you a morning after pill for Alex, who I know is behind me.

"Hi, Bart.." I said quietly.

Chuck didn't say anything, he just looked shocked that his dad knew. "It's okay Alex, you can go." Bart said as he walked over to let me out.

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