Chapter Sixty-Eight

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She went from being sad to angry really fast. It's cute, she's cute. I love her so much, I want her so bad. She will be mine one day, just not right now. When she is truly ready for me, I will be ready for her.

She clenched her fists and looked straight at me. "Get the fuck out." She had a serious tone. I've never seen her so upset.

"Alex, I'm sorry." I apologized and walked out semi-quickly.

"Never speak to me again. Got it?" She asked as she was about to shut the door.

"It's not a big deal." I stopped the door from shutting.

"You lied to me about how you felt and had sex with me. I think I have the right to be pissed." She explained.

"Can't we just be friends?" I asked her.

"Fuck you." She slammed the door in my face.

When I got in my house, my dad was waiting for me in my room. I was kind of scared of why he was there. "Why are you treating girls like shit?" He said in a harsh tone.

"What?" I acted confused.

"I can see you two fighting from my window." He sat down.

"It's none of your business." I rolled my eyes.

"Did you forget that I have known her mother since before you both were born? Her daughter is like family." He raised his eyebrows. "You also had sex with her in my house."

I sat down across from him. "We can't be together, she's in love with Dean. I just want her to be happy. So I made the choice easy for her." I felt an urge to cry but I manned up. "Can I just be alone for a little while?"

My dad agreed and left my room. He probably went to go think about how he could solve my problem even though it has nothing to do with him.

Alex pov:

I sat in my room crying for about an hour until my phone started ringing. "What?" I answered quickly.

"Guess who's number I found!!" Emily was practically screaming over the phone.

"Oh sorry, I thought you were Chuck. Anyways, whose number?" I asked her.


"The dude at the water-park?"



"Thank Harry."

"Oh god. What did he do?"

"He knew you were sad about Dean so he searched him up on Instagram and found him for you."

"Holy shit."

"Apparently he lives in this city. Harry and him are like friends now."

"I don't know."

"Please. Just meet up him with us just once."


"Yay! Okay I have to go, Harry is waiting for me to get in bed."

"Use a condom.. Bye."

"Shut up. Bye."

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