Chapter Fifty-Nine

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The door handle jiggled from in front of us. We both immediately stopped and looked at each other with horror. Dean pulled the covers over my naked body. The door opened slowly as Sam and Harry walk in.

"Holy shit, what the fuck!" Sam yelled as he walked towards us.

"Can you give us a moment to put clothes on?" Dean asked as he rubbed his eyes.

"Ahh my eyes burn!" Harry ran into the other bedroom.

"What the fuck is wrong with you? She's a minor, you can get in serious trouble!" Sam rolled his eyes, glaring at both of us.

"Go away Sam." I said to him, pulling the blanket over my head.

"Fine, put your clothes back on. I'll be back in ten minutes." He closed the door behind him.


"I'm so sorry.." Dean said quietly.

"It's fine." I looked at him. He looked back at me, we couldn't help but laugh.

He pressed his lips against mine, he slowly rubbed the top of my leg. "I love you." I stopped.

He smiled cutely. "I love you too."

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