Chapter Twenty-Eight

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"Nothing!" I yelled, denying that there was a problem. I continued walking to my room. Chuck grabbed my arm again, pulling me about two inches from his chest. I felt his hot breath on my forehead.

"Is there a problem here?" Dean asked sternly. We both didn't realize he was behind me.

"Nope, no problem." I said, directing the message to Chuck.

I walked away, trying to calm down. Dean had his arms crossed standing there across from Chuck. Chuck rolled his eyes.

"Look buddy, why don't you figure out what's wrong with your girl before you try punching me again, okay?" Chuck said, walking around Dean.


I woke up the next morning in my bed, being cuddled by Dean. It was cute. I was stuck there until he would let me go, which would probably be hours. I had a lot of time to think since Dean sleeps like a bear.

"Pssst." I whispered about an hour later.

"Mmh?" he mumbled, sounding half asleep.

"Wake up." I whispered.

"No." he groaned squeezing me tighter. I tried to move on my own but his arms were so tightly around me.

"Dean wake up." I complained.

"I love it when you say my name." He said smiling.

"You're such a weirdo, Dean." I giggled, purposely saying his name.

"Wow and that laugh." He said, laughing at the same time.

"I know, it's annoy-"

"It's cute" He interrupted.

"Oh my gosh, shut up." I said covering my face.

"Make me." He teased.

I pressed my lips against his. He pulled me on top of him. As the kiss progressed I moved my hands to the back of his head, scrunching his hair in my hands. He smiled into the kiss, which made me stop.

I was just sitting on top of him now, about to use it to my advantage. I smiled at him. I started getting up but he stopped me by grabbing my legs. I burst into laughter and fell onto the bed next to him, pulling my legs to my chest.

"Wow." He said as he sat up onto the bed.

"What?" I asked, trying to calm myself down.

"You're ticklish?" he laughed, gripping onto my legs again. I held my breath, trying to hold in my laugh.

"Noo, I'm not" I denied.

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