Can't Be... (supernatural)

Can't Be... (supernatural)

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Everyone ran out of their classrooms, desperate to be home. I was just leaving when I noticed a black car following me. I continue to walk home, the car still following behind. 

I started panicking as I got closer to my house. I pulled out my phone and began to call 911. As I started dialing, I got distracted when someone got out of the car. I didn't recognize him until I remembered that he was in that TV show called Supernatural. I had dialed the rest of the digits then pushed call. The man snatched my phone from my hands and ended the call. I stood there in complete shock. 

I finally came to my senses then backed up and tried to run. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him. I screamed out of fear while he held me there for a few seconds. Soon, two other men came over and pushed me into the car. The two men were wearing black suits with black ties. The man who I thought was from Supernatural, Dean, stood there impatiently.

They had my mouth covered until they shut the doors a...

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