Chapter ninety-eight

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I come back and we finish watching the movie. It wasn't as bad as I expected, I think I can do this. We can possible make this work, without any arguments.

My mom kicked everyone out of the house once the movie ended and she forced me to sit with her new boyfriend. I forgot his name.

He seems like white trash. It's awful, I don't know what my mother is thinking. I mean it could be worse, he is nice ish. And he's pretty good looking.

My mom calls me into her room and invites me to sit with them. Like I have a choice.

I sit down, politely. "Hello."

My mom has a smile on her face that's not going to go away for at least ten days. "We have news." She squeals.

"I asked your mother to marry me." Her boyfriend says.

I don't even know this man. I've literally had two semi conversations with him and one of them ended badly. For all I know, he can be some sort of crazy pedophile rapist.

I take a breath and try to think of my mother's happiness when I answer. "I'm happy for you." I lie.

"We will be moving in together, here." She says, excitedly.

I only have one more year of school, then I get to move out. But I also have the baby and collage. I have no idea of what I'm going to do.

If it's Aaron's baby, we will struggle a little with money but the baby would be loved. If it's Chuck's baby, we would have a lot of support but Chuck wouldn't be the best dad. And if it's Dean's, we will be supported and the baby will be well taken care of. He's a grown man and he has his career established and everything. Dean would be the best option for the baby, but what about me?

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