Chapter Fifty-Seven

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"Calm down!" I said as I got between them.

"He's the one pushing people around." Chuck said back.

"I'm not the one hitting on people's girlfriends!" Dean yelled.

"Because she needs someone better, like me." Chuck said.

"Go have fun at the waterpark, okay? Dean and I are going to take the bus back to the hotel." I interrupted.

"But babe, I wanna be with you." He smirked, looking at Dean for his reaction.

"Bye Chuck." I said as we walked away.


We got back to the hotel about twenty minutes later.

"Are you still mad?" I asked him.

"I could never be mad at you, just at the situation.." He said with a soft voice, rubbing his eyes.

"I'm sorry, I love you." I said as I pressed my lips against his.

He wrapped his arms around my back as I did the same to his neck.

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