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Chapter Forty-Five

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"Shut up, Sam." I snapped.

"This is none of your concern anymore." Sam sneered.

"It concerns my life, my happiness. Yes it is my concern!"

"Let the adults handle this."

Dean didn't want to get into it with his best friend. I guess he didn't care.

"Excuse me?!" I slapped him across the face, getting out of the car.

"Get back in the car!" Sam demanded. I shook my head without saying anything.

"Please," Dean added.

I glared at Sam, making sure he knows I'm pissed.

"Fine" I agreed.


Sam kept ranting on about the millions of reason of why Dean and I aren't good together. Dean and I have the same conclusion. It's all bullshit. Sam just doesn't like seeing his little sister with his friend.

After a long car ride, we finally got back with the food. We sat down at the table just starting to eat until we hear noises. Emily was yelling from the other room.

"Ughh fuck me harder, Harry!"

"Come on, Harry! Even Sam could fuck me harder than this!"

And then Harry yelling back, "You're gonna regret that."

I got up and threw away my food. "I lost my appetite" I whined.

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