Chapter ninety-seven

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I don't know what I ever saw in this boy. He was never like this when we were just friends. He was polite, sweet and gentle. I don't know, maybe he feels like he has to prove himself?

Chuck gets up. "I'm just kidding, calm your tits." He winks. I look at him with disbelief that he just said that.

"Don't joke like that!" Dean warns. His voice got low and he looked threatening.

I shake my head at Chuck. "That's not funny, Chuck." We will have a talk about this later.


I sit down on the couch in the living room, ready to watch a movie. Aaron and Chuck stayed, thankfully. So I wasn't alone with Dean. I just can't help myself with Dean, I can't help but love him. But I'm not breaking up with Aaron for him, I'm too in love.

Dean and Aaron argue about which movie we are going to watch so they both go to pick out a movie together, in agreement. I stay with Chuck alone, awkwardly. He knows I'm pissed at him.

I get up and sit next to him. I can tell he's avoiding me because he won't look into my eyes. "Why do you have to be so inappropriate?" I ask him after a period of silence.

He looks down as he speaks. "I'm sorry." He says, quietly.

"That's not okay, what you said was disgusting." I lecture.

He puts his arm around me for a hug. "I know, I won't say anything like that again." He finishes.

I pull away from him. "What's wrong with you, you know that's not right to say. So why are you acting like that." I pull my knees to my chest and wrap my hands around them. "You never used to act like this before."

"That's because Dean wasn't here, I had you to myself." He answers.

"And?" I ask.

He scratches the back of his head, nervously. "I love you, I don't want to lose you to him. Now to Aaron."

"You've already lost me when you started acting rude and inappropriate, you aren't the man I thought you were." I say, getting up and leaving his sight.

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