Chapter seventy-seven

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"You should just make it official. I don't see what the big deal is." Emily said after Aaron and Harry left to put our order in.

"I still love Dean. I can't do that to him." I whispered.

"But I like Aaron better." She sighed. "No drama."

I rolled my eyes. "I know, I just need time to figure things out."

"And Harry's becoming best friends with him." She kept trying to convince me.

"He's leaving when the summer ends." I tried to convince myself its a bad idea. "To him it's just a summer fling."

"Um no. You should see the way he looks at you." She smiled. "He's in love."

"Oh my gosh be quiet." I looked over at Aaron and Harry. They were rough housing like little boys.

"Has he even asked you yet?" She asked me.

My attention got drawn back to her. "Yeah, two days ago."

"Oh my god, what did you say?!" She got concerned.

"I told him that I don't want a relationship right now." I sighed.

"If you don't say yes, he's going to find someone who will." She warned.

"I know but I-" I stopped talking when Aaron and Harry sat down.

"What are you ladies talking about?" Harry asked.

I choked. "Nothing."

"Mhm sure." Emily said sarcastically. I kicked her from underneath the table. "Ow. I'm just kidding." She groaned with pain.

Aaron looked confused. "Are we supposed to be oblivious to the fact that you just kicked her?" He started to laugh.

"Yes that's what I was going for." His laugh made me smile.

"Okay so my parents are going to be at a casino like four hours away from here and they told me that I could have friends sleep over. They didn't say the friends had to be guys so do you guys want to sleepover Thursday night?" Harry asked randomly.

"Sure. I'll just tell my mom that I'm spending the night at Emily's house." I responded.

"Same except at your house." Emily said after.

"I think it will be okay." Aaron said.

"So whatever happened with the couch situation? I tried not to laugh. "Did she have a talk with you?"

"Oh I better go get our food." Aaron said, avoiding my question.

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