Chapter Seventy

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I kind of jumped a little. "Did I scare you?" He teased.

I pushed him playfully. "Pshh no, I don't get scared."

"I'm sure you don't." He smiled.

Emily and Harry finally noticed that Aaron was here. They stay closer to us, Emily was still holding Harry's hand. "Hey, I can't believe you actually live here." Harry said.

"Actually I don't, I'm spending the summer with my grandparents here." Aaron corrected.

I tried to pretend that I didn't notice Harry touching Emily's leg. "But its not summer yet." Emily said.

"I know, my parents shipped me off here early so they could enjoy their vacation longer." He said.

"Where do you live then?" Harry asked.

"Only an hour from here." He responded.

"Okay Harry, would you and Emily like some privacy?" I said, fed up with watching him touch her. "We can all see that you're horny as fuck right now. Go take care of yourself."

Aaron started laughing. "I wasn't going to say anything but I'm glad that you did."

"Cmon Harry." Emily winked, taking him to her house.

They left us alone. Hopefully this won't be too awkward. "Sorry, I had to." I laughed with him.

"You're funny." He smiled.

"Thanks." I looked down shyly. "So where does your grandparents live?"

"They live in the apartments near here." He said. We started walking around the lake.

"Oh not too far then." I said awkwardly.

"Whatever happened to that boyfriend?" He changed the subject. "Are you still together?"

"He moved back to home, so he broke up with me."

"Oh.. Sorry." I scratched his head. "Did our kiss make him jealous."

I could tell he was trying to make me smile. "Yeah, he was so mad."

"I didn't break y'all up did I?" He got worried.

"No you didn't. He just didn't want the distance."

"Is it bad that I'm kind of happy that he did?"

"Why?" I laughed a little.

"You're cute." He smirked. "And a good kisser."

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