Chapter Thirty-Two

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Chuck got on his motorcycle, I got on after and wrapped my arms around his stomach. I looked back at Dean, he had a jealous look in his eyes. Harry tried to hold him back. Chuck drove away. I gripped onto his shirt, holding him tighter. He chuckled when he noticed. I  closed my eyes tightly shut.

"Is it over?" I asked when the engine stopped, still closing my eyes.

"Yeah it's over." He answered back. I opened my eyes.

"As much as I love your arms around me, we should probably get going." He laughed.

"Oh.. sorry" I laughed with him, letting him go.

We got off the bike and headed inside.

"What snacks should we get?" I asked, pulling my hair into a bun.

"Chips, candy, soda, water, anything you want." he suggested.

I nodded, picking out a variety of food. Chuck picked up a box of Pop Tarts and set it in the cart. I laughed when I saw it.

"What?" He asked.

"You're such a child, it's funny." I said, jokingly.

"Hush, it's my favorite breakfast food." he said, defending it. Then laughed with me.

"Fine." I said giggling.

"I like your hair like that, it's pretty." He smiled, staring at me.

"Thanks" I smiled, looking down.

"And that smile, wow." He said walking next to me.

"Chuuck, stop." I whined.

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