Chapter Thirty-Three

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"Why?" he groaned.

"Because.." I answered.

"Why?" He asked again.

"Chuck, you know why." I sighed.

"Because of Dean?" He asked.

"Yes." I said back.

"Then break up with him so I can do this." He said as he walked over to me, holding my head in his hands then pressed his lips onto mine.

"Chuck, no." I pulled away, shaking my head.

"Why not!" He said, frustrated.

After we paid, he put the stuff in a basket on his motorcycle. He didn't say anything the whole time. He grabbed the helmet and put it over my head, helping me put it on. I stared at him as he did it.

"Thank yo-"

"You're so beautiful." He interrupted, staring into my eyes.

"Chuck!" I snapped at him, blushing.

"I know you like me."

"No." I lifted the helmet off my head.

"It's written all over your face. I can see it in your eyes, your cheeks, your smile. The way you look at me."

"Chuck, you're wrong."

"Don't lie."

"I'm not lying, you know how I feel about Dean. So why don't you just stop?"

"Because I love you! I've loved you since the first time I saw you. Alex I love you."

I didn't say anything. I put the helmet on my head and crossed my arms. Chuck sighed and got on his motorcycle. I got on after and wrapped my arms tightly around his torso.

We finally got back to my house, everyone was already there. I got off the bike and grabbed a bag then headed inside. I put the groceries away, then sat next to Dean on the couch. He put his arm around me, then kissed my forehead. Chuck sat in front of us, on the opposite couch.

"What took so long?" Harry asked.

"We got a little side tracked." Chuck winked.

"What happened?" Dean clenched his fists.

"Just a little fun." Chuck smirked, looking at me.

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