Chapter Twenty-Six

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"Oh my god." Harry said with his eyes wide open in shock. Emily had the same expression on her face but she put her hand over her mouth and backed up.

Dean didn't even speak. He moved his hands behind his head, his face started looking more mad as the seconds went by.

"Please button your shirt, this is very uncomfortable to see."

I quickly clasped my bra together and buttoned my shirt. Chuck didn't seem like he cared but he knew I did.

"You all here to watch the show?" Chuck asked, sarcastically. I looked at him and then rolled my eyes. Same old Chuck.

"What the fuck?" Dean mumbled in a low voice. He sounded pissed. So pissed that the only thing that could come out of his mouth was a mumble. Chuck got up once he saw I was dressed. He stood up, putting some distance between him and the other two boys.

"Yeah step back Chuck, good idea!" Harry said with a harsh tone. Chuck smiled and gave him a thumbs up.

"Are you fucking serious, Alex?" Dean asked. His voice was still lower than normal.

"Hey, lay off!" Chuck yelled, stepping in front of me.

"Lay off? Maybe you should be the one laying off of my girlfriend!" Dean yelled, stepping closer to Chuck.

"You should've opened the door ten minutes earlier, we were doing a lot more." Chuck said, trying to be provocative. Dean tensed up, trying not to get even more pissed. He knew what Chuck was trying to do. He ignored Chuck.

"Why were you with this idiot?" Dean asked, pointing his finger at Chuck.

"Oh me? because she wanted me to fuck her right, something you apparently can't do. Apparently you have the inability to fuck her right. I bet if you would've given us fifteen more minutes, I would've fucked her by then." Chuck said, looking at Dean first then looking at me after.

Dean immediately turned towards me. "You told him?" He asked. I could see the disappointment in his eyes.

"I thought I could trust him.. but I guess not." I said, looking at Chuck to direct the message to him.

He must've known what he was saying somehow hurt me, even though it was meant to piss Dean off. My eyes got teary. I should've known Chuck didn't really like me, he was just using me in the vulnerable state I was in. Chuck opened his mouth about to say something but then he looked over at me, watching a few tears fall down my cheek.

He stopped talking, waiting for everyone to catch up. I watched Dean. He stopped talking before Chuck did. It was dead silent.

"You know maybe if you were there for her, I wouldn't be doing your job." Chuck said, interrupting the silence. Dean didn't say anything. He was thinking about what Chuck said.

"Seriously, you took her virginity then didn't talk to her for four days. She needed someone, you just took too long." Chuck said, trying to get his point across. Dean looked at me, tears still fell from my cheek. He walked over to me then put his arms around me, pulling me to his chest.

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