Chapter one hundred six

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She was so beautiful, she had a little bit of light brown hair. I named her Jenifer but for a nickname, Jenny.

We went ahead and started with the paternity test. It was only a cheek swab. It takes at least two days to receive the results back.

Dean cried when he held her. "I love her." He kept saying.

"Aw, someone actually has a heart." Chuck said as he watched Dean.

Dean looked up, still smiling then looked down at her again. "She opened her eyes." He smiled.

"Let me see." I begged.

Dean brought her over and sat next to me on the bed. My mom took some pictures of us. "They're brown." He said as he looked up, into my eyes.

My eyes moved from his eyes to his lips. I pressed mine softly on his.

"Alex!" My mom warned.

Chuck budded in. "Aarons not going to be happy about that."

I snapped out of it, pulling my lips away. "I- I'm sorry."

Dean shook his head. "No, It's my fault."

"I just got caught up in the moment." I looked down.

Aaron and Sam are picking up food for us. I feel terrible.

I looked at Jenny. "You're perfect."

"Can I hold her?" Chuck asked for the fifth time in a row.

I finally agreed and Dean brought her to him. "Don't drop her and support her neck." He showed him how to hold her. "Be careful, please." He said, protectively.

Aaron and Sam finally got back. "Where is she?" Sam ran in. "Give me." He begged.

"But it's been two minutes." He pouted.

Sam took her from him. "Hi, I'm your cool uncle." He said in a high pitched voice, making everyone laugh.


Emily and Harry joined us the next day and we got the test results back.

"She is the cutest baby in the whole world!" Emily kept saying.

"Aunt Emily is scaring the baby." Chuck joked.

"Your face scared the baby." Harry defended her."

Aaron insisted on holding her. "She looks like you." He said to me.

I shrugged.

After Aaron held her for a while, I tried to get him alone. "The doctor wants me to walk, will you help me?"

"I will." Dean replied.

Aaron looked at us. "I'll take you."

Dean took the baby from him and he helped me out of bed. He walked me about halfway down the hallway.

"Aaron, I kissed Dean." I blurted out.

I could see the pain in his eyes. "What the fuck, Alex." He rubbed his face.

"I just.. I'm sorry." I whispered.

"Fucking hell, be right back." He said, leaving me in the middle of the hallway.

He went back into the room and came back with Dean. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"You told him?" Dean looked at me.

"Yes, she fucking told me." He spat. "You knew she was my girlfriend, asshole."

Dean walked over to me and Aaron followed. "Why?"

"Because I had to." I said.

Aaron crossed his arms. "Why did you kiss her?"

"Your 'girlfriend' didn't tell you? She kissed me." Dean replied.

Aaron punched Dean on the side of the face and got them kicked out for a few hours.

The nurse walked me back into the room and gave me the envelope. "The results." She said.

I thanked her and waited for Chuck and Aaron to be allowed back into the hospital to open it.


Once they were both here, I read the results. "The biological father of Jenifer is Dean."

Everyone in shock. Chuck kind of looked relieved, thank god he's not the father.

Dean couldn't stop smiling. "I knew she was mine."

"I figured, she looks like you."

Aaron started crying and left the hospital.

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