Chapter Fifty-Five

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Emily gave me a 'What the fuck did you just do?' look. I rolled my eyes and put a French fry in my mouth.

"He shouldn't be telling me what to do, I know it's bitchy but it's his fault." I said with an upset look on my face.

Harry stared at me for a moment. "That was gross," he shivered. "You need to apologize to that boy, Alex. Before it's too late. Now. Go."

"Fine." I got up and ran after him.

I finally caught up to Dean. He continued to walk away from me. "Hey, slow down!"

"I don't want to talk to you."

"Dean, I'm sorry!"

"It's not okay, Alex."

"I was just being my moody self.. I love you and I don't like Chuck. I was just fed up with everything."

"It wasn't just Chuck, what about that other dude?"


"Yeah, you can't just go around kissing other guys."

"Well technically we are broken up."

"Alex, you know we only had an argument. We weren't broken up."

"I'm sorry."

"Well if we are broken up, I guess I'll just go then."

"Dean! We aren't broken up, I love you."

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