Chapter Fifty-Six

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"Do you? Or do you love Chuck?" He asked as he rolled his eyes.

"I don't love Chuck, I love you."

"I bet that's what you were thinking when you had your lips all over him."

"Dean, I was just mad."

Sam and Chuck came over, gathering next to us. Chuck seemed amused as he watched Dean get jealous of him and I. Sam just wanted to continue enjoying the water slides.

"Can you go, Chuck?" Dean asked.

"She made her decision when she had her tongue in my mouth." Chuck replied.

"There was no tongue!" I yelled.

"Ew gross.." Sam mumbled.

"Shut up, we all know you love Emily and want to stick your little boy tongue in her mouth." I replied.

"Damn someone's on her period! Wait, did I already say that? My bad." Chuck said.

"I just think she deserves a man, not a prepubescent that doesn't know how to handle his emotions." Sam explained.

"Uh ya sure." I replied back. "And Chuck, really?"

"Sorry babe." He joked.

"Hey, back off." Dean pushed Chuck back.

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