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Chapter Sixty-Nine

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I didn't want a relationship right now mainly because I don't even know what the hell these boys are thinking. One minute "Alex, come here." the next minute "Alex, go away."

Guys are so moody. I'm probably going to be the one to be shamed for either thing I do. I will get shamed for sleeping with Chuck and I will get shamed for going back to Dean. Everything is my fault. Hopefully when I meet Aaron, he will know exactly what he wants unlike those two.

I mean part of it is my fault. I didn't have to sleep with Chuck, but Dean didn't have to change his mind like fifty times. Okay I'm done, fuck it.

I met with Harry and Emily the next day at the park since my mom was gone. When I got there, they were making out in their favorite make out spot. "Gross." I whined to them.

"You need to be quiet, I know too many secrets about you that can easily come out." Harry threatened me. He was only joking.

I rolled my eyes playfully at him. "I bet Emily doesn't know about the time at the water park from two years ago."

"No, okay I will be quiet." He said.

"Me too." I nodded.

Emily got up. "Wait, what happened at the water park?" She started laughing.

Harry faced palmed. "Thanks Alex."

"Is he coming?" I said for Harry's sake.

She nodded and went to go sit by Harry. She grabbed his hand seductively, then put it on her lap. "Harry, tell me what happened."

Harry looked at me annoyed. "Nothing babe.."

"Maybe you should come over today, my parents aren't home. Oh wait, I don't sleep with guys that have secrets." She teased.

I sat alone awkwardly watching them flirt with each other until Aaron finally showed up. He sat down right next to me. It freaked the hell out of me, I wasn't expecting him.

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