Chapter eighty-three

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Sorry I haven't been posting, my grandparents came to visit so it will be kind of slow. (:

Nobody could make up their mind on what they wanted to do so Harry and Aaron started playing some game on the x-box. Emily and I decided to ditch them and go make muffins.

Harry kept calling himself the muffin man the whole night when he found out we were making them. He's such a dork. Aaron played along with it and started calling Emily Mr.Muffin man's wife.

We finished making the muffins, we are just waiting for them to be ready.

"What are you and Harry going to do when you have to go to collage?" I ask randomly. "Have you talked about it yet?"

"Nope, we haven't thought about it." She sighed. "It's too depressing to think about."

I sit on the couch. "Yea well we're seniors now so you better start thinking about it. "

"True, finally." She sits next to me. "I'm ready to get out of this shit hole."

"This summer feels like its flying by." I say.

"I know, it's already July." She frowned. "Only a little more than two months and then we start school again."

"I need pee, be right back." I quickly jumped up and went to the bathroom. When I walked in, I noticed a tampon box in the opened cabinet. It didn't process in my head that it's already July, until now. I missed my period.

I was petrified for a few minutes and then I got up. I felt sick to my stomach. It's like I've been punched in the stomach a few times combined with nerves.

I don't know, I might just be late. Calm down. I kept saying to myself as I walked out.

"What's wrong? It looks like you've seen a ghost." She asked.

I just couldn't say anything until I knew what was really going on, but I have to tell Aaron.

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