Chapter eighty-two

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I woke up in his arms the next morning. "Good morning, baby." I whispered into his ear. He smiled with his eyes still tight shut.

I pecked his lips multiple times to wake him up. "Fine. I'll miss you in the shower.." I walked off and got in the shower.

He just decided to wake up. Perfect timing. "Wait, I want to." He got up and got in after me.

Let's just say many things went on in the shower today.


It was already Thursday and we told Harry we would sleepover at his house tonight. My mom is still not back. Well she got back but then she left again. She's never done that before, it makes me kind of worried.

I texted Harry and asked him what time he wanted us to come over at. He answered back pretty quickly with "Now is okay." So Aaron and I ended up leaving together to Harry's house.

We stopped at his grandma's house before to get his stuff. She never even noticed he was gone. He just came back and told her where he was going. She didn't care.

We got to Harry's house and Emily was already there. We walked in and they were cuddling on the couch. It was adorable. "Hi, don't you guys look cute." I smiled.

"Well someone's in a good mood." Emily said.

"I wonder why." Harry winked.

"No comment." I said back. "And what do you mean, I'm always in a good mood."

"Uhh sure." Aaron said jokingly.

I glared at him and then smiled. He smiled back, then gave me a hug.

"Okay I have one rule." Harry stated. "Don't do it in my bed."

"Yeah, that's our spot." Emily winked. I gagged a little. "Just kidding." She said when she noticed.

She probably wasn't joking. Never mind. "Harry what are we going to do?" I ask.

"Well we can watch a movie or play video games. Suggestions?" He said.

"Oh my gosh, let's watch the notebook!" Emily joked. "Harry, would you sit here and watch the whole movie with me?"

We wait for Harry's response. His face is priceless. "Uh sure, baby" he fake smiled back.

"Okay, he passed my test." She kissed his cheek."you're meant for me, Harry."

"Anything for you." He kissed her forehead.

"I was just kidding about the movie by the way." She said.

"Oh, I was kind of getting excited for it." He joked.

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