Chapter Fifty-Two

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Emily was mad at Harry for something he did later that day. We both ended up kicking the guys out of the room and forcing them to sleep on the floor.

The next morning we all agreed to go to the water park. There was still a lot of tension between everyone.

I put my pink string bikini on and waited for everyone in the living room. Emily and Sam joined me a few minutes later.

"Ready, Emily?" Sam asked, sitting down across from her.

"Yeah.." She answered.

"Oh you look nice." Sam complimented, shyly.

"Sam, it's just a swim suit?" She said awkwardly. I laughed at Sam's attempt.

"I know." He scratched the back of his head, looking down.

Dean, Harry and Chuck joined us in the living room. "You all took forever." Emily said.

"It's not my fault you and Alex were hogging the bathroom." Chuck argued back.

"Let's go!" I interrupted. Everyone followed me out the door. Sam continued to be creepily awkward around Emily.

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