Chapter Forty-Three

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"Psssst." Dean whispered into my ear.

"Let me sleep." I whined.

"No, come on." He pressed his lips against mine.

"How. Dare. You." I said as he kissed me after every syllable.

"Okay, fine." He muttered.

I started to fall asleep until a pillow landed on my face. "Excuse me." I said, hitting him back.

"Yay, it worked." He teased.

"I hate you." I groaned.

"Aww, you hate me?" He laughed, pulling me into his chest.

"Yes!" I rolled over, facing him.

"You do?!" He gasped, tickling my sides.

"No! I'm just kidding. Please, please stop!" I laughed uncontrollably.

"Do you still hate me?" He teased.

"Nope." I smiled.

He paused, still starring into my eyes.

"What?" I asked.

"I love you." he smiled, waiting for my reaction.

"Dean," I blushed "I love you too."

It's been like four months, about time he's said it.

He pressed his lips against mine, pulling me on top of him. He held the back of my legs, squeezing lightly as it progressed. I sat on top of him, pulling my shirt over my head. He grinned widely.

"Dean! Ah," Sam screeched "Alex! No."

"Sam, get out!" Deans eyes widened as he pulled the blanket over my chest. I didn't want to turn around.

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